Grzegorz Ścisło

e-point International CEO


Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board at e-point and CEO at e-point International. As a member of the Supervisory Board, Grzegorz advises and supervises the Board of Directors in fulfilling their duties related to the management of the enterprise. He is also involved in the mentoring of Project Managers.

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19 Jul 2019Grzegorz Ścisło4min

The State of Online Journey Hijacking

Online Journey Hijacking involves illegal access to the user’s browser via digital malware.
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Who can benefit from a Progressive Web App

Which company can benefit the most from introducing a PWA?
11 Jul 2019Grzegorz Ścisło4min

When is a website better than an app? When it’s a progressive web app of course!

Mobile is in pole-position as the go-to sales and marketing channel.
28 Jun 2019Grzegorz Ścisło4min

The 9 most important questions to ask when choosing a domain for an e-commerce system

What are the questions to answer when choosing a domain?
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Making software modern - the middle kingdom between legacy and cutting edge

Key technological trends to watch in the near future
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