Wawrzyniec Hyska

Director for Financial Sector


Director for Financial Sector at e-point. Wawrzyniec has an experienced system architect, focusing on developing e-point business. He loves creating new projects, discovering essential customer needs, and building business models.

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09 Sep 2019Wawrzyniec Hyska6min

What risks does global climate change present for insurers?

Financial Industry
12 Aug 2019Wawrzyniec Hyska5min

Personalization and the future of the insurance market

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04 Jun 2019Wawrzyniec Hyska5min

Why good product information management is essential to insurance sales

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08 May 2019Wawrzyniec Hyska5min

Portal or website

What’s the difference? Which is best for your company?
05 Nov 2018Wawrzyniec Hyska2min

What's new in the financial industry?

Conclusions from the XII Insurance and Payment Services Forum
NewsFinancial Industry
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