Michał Szklarski

Director Of Digital Services, R&D, Mobile


Michał started his professional career in the cybersecurity sector preceded the startup phase. At e-point, he plans an e-commerce solutions. Michał is always fascinated by new products in the mobile and internet industry, such as PWA, AMP, or Google Pay API. He is a specialist in combining the latest technologies with a perfect User Experience.

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23 Jan 2020Michał Szklarski6min

TWA Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Trusted Web Activities, Progressive Web Apps and How They Relate to Your Business

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Progressive Web Applications: everything you need to know

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When the Black Friday to Christmas Shopping Rush Hits, It’s Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to E-Commerce’s Rescue

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80% more tickets sold thanks to PWA

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14 most frequently asked questions about Progressive Web Apps

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