Grzegorz Kaczor

Chief Technology Officer


CTO e-point International, with the experience of a programmer, architect, and manager, in e-point for over 8 years.

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04 Apr 2019Grzegorz Kaczor3min

ReactJS - a Viable Choice for Modern Applications

18 Mar 2019Grzegorz Kaczor3min

Benefits of Expert Team Leasing by e-point

What can you gain by leasing IT Experts from e-point?
Project Management
11 Mar 2019Grzegorz Kaczor2min

Benefits of Java Web Developer Training by e-point

Why use e-point to recruit and/or train Java Web Developers?
04 Mar 2019Grzegorz Kaczor5min

Web Application Performance Introduction

What do we mean by web application performance, and how is it measured?
27 Feb 2019Grzegorz Kaczor3min

Benefits of an Application Performance Audit by e-point

What can companies gain by ordering an Application Performance Audit?
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