2017 is the year of domination of SAP Hybris Commerce

Two independent research centres, Forrester and Frost & Sullivan, proclaimed SAP Hybris Commerce the best e-commerce software in the world. Both Forrester and Frost & Sullivan appreciated SAP Hybris’ innovative approach to omnichannel sales, adaptation to customer needs and the ability to quickly transform a business into the digital model.

Forrester – SAP is the B2B and B2C leader

SAP Hybris software was praised in the market-valued reports The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites and Forrester Wave: B2C Commerce Suites. Both reports prepared by Forrester indicate that SAP Hybris is the best solution on the market, because it can be adapted to the needs of companies from different segments and of different sizes. The report also noted that SAP Hybris offers a fully integrated platform for marketing and customer relations & customer experience management.

“The praise given to the software indicates that SAP’s policy to integrate available solutions and offer our clients integrated, uniform packages with rocket fuel for business is a good response to future challenges the commerce industry will face”, says Marek Sodolski, vice president for Sales and Marketing at e-point, SAP silver partner. “This is a clear sign from the leading market observers that the method of building solutions by integrating various software systems via the use of API and integrators is only the short-term solution.”

"Top performers need solutions like SAP Hybris, the leader of innovation and customer experience in the particularly competitive new technologies market segment".

Marek Sodolski

Vice president for Sales and Marketing

e-point SA

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Frost & Sullivan – SAP outruns the competition

The eCommerce Company of the Year award, granted by Frost & Sullivan research centre, goes to companies that are able to provide truly innovative solutions in a way that really changes the business and the shopping experience of consumers.

“B2B and B2C shoppers alike are now researching for and buying products across a variety of online and offline channels. This provides an opportunity for brands to capture data across the entire shopping journey for a successful commerce strategy” says Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer of SAP Hybris. “This award from Frost &Sullian validates our mission to help businesses transform the digital and physical customer experiences with next-level engagement tactics.”

The award from Frost & Sullivan was granted based on two key indices: innovation and impact on the consumer. The first index took into account factors such as the consideration of previously unaddressed needs, design and best practices for implementation. The second index consisted, among other things, of the shopping experience, customer service quality and the price-to-experience ratio.

In each of the two categories, SAP Hybris received 9 points, 2 points more than the competitive platform which took second place.

“The most recent improvements in SAP Hybris Commerce make the solution increasingly a ‘must’ on vendor selection short lists, especially for large-scale and most demanding eCommerce requirements” says Martin Hof ter Heide. It is a market-unique solution that allows us to encompass in a single ecosystem such business components as marketing, sales and financial settlement.

March of innovation

The awards from the two research companies coincided with the 20th anniversary of SAP Hybris on the market. From the very beginning, the solution positioned itself as the leader of innovation.

In March, SAP formed the SAP.iO investment fund, whose aim is to attract start-ups with interesting and promising technologies that can complement the SAP ecosystem.

With the supported companies in mind, the Forge in Berlin was created – a dedicated office and co-working space, as well as an accelerator for young entrepreneurs. The first start-up to win SAP.iO funding was Paradata, which offers tools that apply machine learning to big data analysis.

Also in March this year, SAP and Google announced a strategic partnership. The aim of the cooperation is to encourage companies worldwide to make the digital transition, primarily by switching over from the physical infrastructure to cloud computing. To give a good example, SAP will make its flagship products available on the Google Cloud Platform.

Ultimately, the SAP Cloud Platform will be available on the Google Cloud Platform as a service in the Platform as a Service model.

“Aggressive innovation and boldly confronting the challenges of the future has been SAP’s effective business strategy for years” comments Marek Sodolski. “Distinctions awarded by the industry’s world leaders only confirm that this is the right direction” he concludes.