Hella+Health and e-point Help Americans Select Medical Insurance

The American health insurance system is unlike most European systems. It is pricey and very complex; it pushes customers to make difficult, hard-to-understand coverage choices. American seniors can now use Hella+Health ( to assist in this process. Hella+Health is a revolutionary system of selling Medicare plans online; their solution was designed and implemented by e-point SA, a Polish software company.

Expensive insurance, tough choices

The American healthcare system guarantees all seniors (i.e. persons aged over 65) access to Medicare, a nation-wide health insurance plan. These plans offer versatile medical and hospital care for their retirement. However, American seniors face some tough insurance choices. The first dilemma is choosing between government and private Medicare plans. The private provider option includes additional benefits but requires all kinds of data: their health conditions, current overall health, medication, pharmacies, preferred doctors, lifestyle, etc. 

Using this information, seniors will conduct a series of conversations with brokers, usually over the telephone. After a few longish chats with consultants, seniors will be offered "the best" plan (whether this plan is the outcome of an objective analysis or a biased pursuit of maximizing the broker’s commission can be open to question). After the customer’s choice is made, the broker will help them acquire the plan and complete the contract over the phone, which frequently generates numerous errors.

Hella+Health uncovers needs and gives clear recommendations

The Hella+Health system simplifies the entire process and allows seniors to conduct it 100% online. They can independently and objectively match Medicare plans to their specific needs. They can visit this website and get answers to questions previously handled during broker consultations; these questions are in the form of a quiz that can be completed quickly and easily. Thanks to the integration of Hella+Health with the American system, seniors can automatically select their medical history without manually collecting all their health data. They can provide all the information in one step or give answers later, at a time they choose. 

After data is uploaded to Hella+Health, an advanced algorithm proposes custom Medicare plans offered by various providers. It also recommends key points for consideration. Seniors can filter plans according to their own criteria and compare and analyze various components in a comparison website. If they decide to acquire a particular plan, they may order it online via Hella+Health.

Hella+Health also offers content and tools seniors can use to educate themselves about Medicare.