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Performance Audit Starter for e-commerce sites

Sign up for a free preliminary Performance Audit of your e-commerce site. After that, if the performance is not so good, you may order a full Application Performance Audit by e-point.

How this happens:

You fill the form below, providing your name, e-mail address and e-commerce site address.

  • We verify the data. We may contact you in the process to make sure you are a real person and that it is your company's e-commerce site.
  • If the data is OK, we will send you an e-mail with expected time of completion of the audit. Typically, it takes less than 48 hours.
  • We perform the audit.
  • We send you the report (see its contents below).
  • In the same e-mail, you will receive our opinion if Application Performance Audit is suitable for you, and how big performance improvement can be achieved with it.

The administrator of personal data is e-point SA. Read more


The report contains speed assessment of the following steps of buying process:

  • entering the main page - first enter, and subsequent ones,
  • search for products,
  • browsing products data,
  • adding products to cart,
  • cart performance,
  • initiating the checkout process.

The assessment is expressed in one of colored flags:

  • green - speed is very good, better than average in the market,
  • yellow - speed is about average,
  • red - speed is bad, and optimizations should be performed.

Then some details are provided. If you have any red flags, then Application Performance Audit is suitable for you.

For limited time the Performance Audit Starter is free.


Please note that: 
  • if the URL you provide is not a valid e-commerce site, the audit will not be performed,
  • the results of audit may be affected by temporary network infrastructure conditions,
  • the results of audit may not detect infrequent performance problems - however, we try to perform the audit in high traffic hours,
  • we do not complete the checkout process - so it is not tested,
  • we work as anonymous user, we don't sign up - so it is not tested either,
  • the audit is performed using current Google Chrome browser only,
  • we may refuse to perform the audit on your site for undisclosed reasons (we will try not to).

Thank you!

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