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The B2B buying process: challenges, trends, inspirations

68% of Polish B2B customers want to shop for the company via e-commerce platforms, and 36% - using mobile devices. Read more in the report “The B2B buying process: challenges, trends, inspirations."

From the report you will learn: 

  • how the Polish B2B market looks in comparison to other global trends 
  • why the price is not a decisive argument when choosing a business partner 
  • how to use e-commerce, content marketing and social media in B2B 
  • how to effectively build relationships with B2B clients using new technologies 
  • what innovative solutions and business models are used by producers and distributors from Poland and the world

The report gives you insight into: 

  • results of quantitative and qualitative research carried out on over 150 company representatives
  • comments from 20 experts and practitioners of the B2B market 
  • inspirations and good practices 
  • analysis of global and local trends







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