PWA Commerce Accelerator

An e-commerce storefront that can be integrated with any existing commerce engine

The future of e-commerce manifests in stable and safe PWA (Progressive Web Application) version of the store that will offer users the best Mobile Customer Experience. PWA as a standard introduced by Google focuses on best practices regarding Search Engine Optimization - SEO, which in natural way broadens target customer range and improves conversion rate of your shop.

But PWA is just an idea, a concept that needs to be put into action with technology. At e-point we’ve developed an unique solution tailored best to your needs: React.js-based accelerator storefront for e-commerce. Shortly: PWA Commerce Accelerator.

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PWA in practise: 11 case studies

Why choose PWA Commerce Accelerator?

Learn more about its essential features:

  • One unified solution you can adapt to suit specific needs of business and end-users.
  • Fast, scalable and convenient platform independent from the system operating the store (back-end)
  • SEO-friendly solution - tailored to Google requirements
  • Ultra-quick setup and deployment (Time2Market) as most popular and common features are provided Out of the Box , ready to work since configured properly
  • Pre-integrated implementation scenarios B2C and B2B for SAP Commerce or Broadleaf Commerce
  • Built using latest, cutting-edge technologies like React.js, Redux, Express and Babel.
  • Best in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) - no hidden/additional costs, flexible pricing model based solely on business requirements
  • Low effort required to provide changes or fixes - as independent solution such as PWA Commerce Accelerator doesn’t need to rely 100% on e-commerce engine.


e-point’s approach to PWA

For a foundation of our PWA Commerce Accelerator we chose React, backed up by potent corporation: Facebook.

It’s a flexible, rich and powerful JavaScript library that can be used in a variety of projects, from microsites to the most powerful social network in the world.


PWA Commerce Accelerator can be implemented on any kind of back-end solution you already have - for example Magento, Oracle Commerce Platform (ATG), PimCore, SAP/Hybris Commerce or Broadleaf Commerce.

As a strategic partner of SAP, we provide fully integrated PWA storefront for its ecosystem - ready to be customized and deployed by your SAP/Hybris Commerce partner, or by us.

It will take only about 1 month for smaller stores with little customization and 2-4 months for bigger shops/solutions.

Do you need e-commerce system?

PWA Commerce Accelerator works on the top of the e-commerce platform you already have. Yet if you don’t have one or aren’t satisfied with your current solution, we can address the problem in the more complex way: e-point offers a variety of end-to-end omnichannel e-commerce solutions, up to your choosing:

SAP Hybris Commerce Platform (B2B, B2C)

Broadleaf Commerce (B2C, B2B, Marketplace)

Custom commerce

Complex requirements

In case of specific requirements or internal company regulations, we also provide a service named Product Development Services. It covers:

  • Full code access and rights transfer to your company
  • Time&Material way of project management and billing, in which you will decide how much of our resources should be used
  • BOT model - Build, Operate, Transfer
  • Great flexibility regarding workplace or working hours

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