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Ever since 2014 the amount of Internet content consumed from mobile devices is far greater than that from desktop PCs. This means consumers are more likely to reach for a smartphone than sit down at their desktop to search for information. That said, research also reveals consumers have stopped downloading new mobile apps because they don’t want to sacrifice the time and device memory needed to get the app up and running. This creates a major challenge for online merchandisers who depend on mobile apps to drive their online business.

The answer to this dilemma are not promotions to get consumers to increase mobile app usage but rather transitioning your company website or older commerce platform to something known as a PWA (Progressive Web Application)- a technology that combines the best of the website and native app worlds. We at e-point can help you in this journey via use of our innovative, ready-to-go e2m storefront (formerly PWA Commerce Accelerator).


If your interest has been piqued, join us for a 30-minute demo during which you’ll learn:

  • What are Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)
  • How our e2m storefront fully complies with the PWA standards developed at Google
  • How e-point’s PWA module can be quickly integrated with your e-commerce platform without changes to its back-end
  • How e2m storefront can radically increase conversion rates and user engagement
  • How e2m storefront can be upgraded with new functionality or adapted to changing market needs at any time day or night using a DevOps approach



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