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How to choose a B2B
e-commerce platform?

9 questions to ask before you decide

According to forecasts, online channels will be responsible for 80% of all purchases on the B2B market by 2025. E-commerce is becoming a significant stage on the business customer journey. Download our free e-book and find the answers to 9 questions you should consider before implementing a B2B e-commerce platform.

You will learn:

  • What functionalities of e-commerce are essential in the B2B market?
  • How do your business goals and the industry may influence the choice of e-commerce platforms?
  • What are the most important integrations you should remember?
  • How can e-commerce support building coherent digital experiences for B2B customers?
  • What kind of license will suit you better: closed or open source? 
  • How to check the competencies of your technological partner?
  • Which KPIs will help you evaluate the implementation of B2B e-commerce?


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