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A Comprehensive Brief For Seamless Product Information Management Implementation

Do you want to choose the right PIM system? One that caters to all your organization's needs?

Our thoughtfully crafted list of questions will help you identify your employees' pain points and determine critical PIM features. By answering these questions, you can compare offers from different vendors and select the one that suits your business best.

The document contains a list of 34 carefully curated questions you should ask before implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) system. It will help you:

  • Gather all information about data processing across the organization. 
  • Investigate your specific business needs and goals around product information and product experience management.
  • Recognize your customers' and employees' pain points.
  • Specify your expectations towards the PIM system.
  • List all critical PIM features you need.
  • Define essential system requirements. 
  • Compare offers from selected vendors.

Download our brief with this expertly-chosen question list today and take the first step toward successful Product Information Management implementation!


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