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Digital Experience Platform: Otherworldly customer experience!

9 examples of market leaders

  • What is Digital Experience (DX)?
  • What are the most common DX mistakes and what could be the consequences?
  • What is the DXP Platform, and what is not? How is it different from the classic CMS and other available tools?
  • How can we communicate complex, yet tailored messages using DXP?
  • How to combine education with customer acquisition, and how to sell using expert content? Read 9 case studies from 9 different industries.
  • Learn how CX Microsoft, Helly Hansen, AMD or the London Chamber of Commerce improved their results with DXP!

The answer to this question is provided by a new class of solutions. Digital Experience Platforms, which allows you to impact and optimize Customer Experience in all channels.

Download our DXP guide and look at your users’ experience with your website through their eyes!

This e-book discusses:

  • what is the Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) approach?
  • which market leaders have switched to DXP: 9 case studies
  • what are the benefits of companies that have implemented this solution
  • how to prepare for DXP implementation in your company

About the author

Łukasz Trzaska

DXP Development Director


Expert with many years of experience in the IT industry. Passionate about a new class of solutions: Digital Experience Platforms, he worked on systems for Vodeno,, innogy Stoen Operator, or ING Commercial Finance. Collaboration gives him great satisfaction and motivates him to persevere.


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