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Revolutionary Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in practice: 11 case studies

Recent research indicates 60% of Google search queries are launched from mobile devices. This says consumers love accessing and processing data while on the move. At the same time, however, other research says consumers are tired of downloading mobile apps and will actually regularly use at most three (for example, Facebook, Chrome and Whatsapp). So this begs the question “How does a new or existing but less popular service deliver content and enable purchases from mobile devices if nobody is going to download their app?

The answer is a Progressive Web App (PWA), a cross between a web site and a native mobile app that offers the “off-device” convenience of a website and the advanced functionality of an “on-device”, mobile app (like push notifications, geolocation and more).

This ebook explains how PWA technology is changing the face of business. More specifically it introduces:

  • what specific benefits PWA brings to users and to businesses
  • how AliExpress, Starbucks, Forbes and others have used PWA technology to “turbocharge” their online turnover AND better address customers needs
  • how to jump start the launch of your own PWA

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