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How to create a self-service? 5 implementation examples for market leaders

90% of consumers expect brands to provide them with online self-service solutions around the clock.

The high level of self-service on the web has become a goal in virtually every industry. Self-service portals are a tool that allows you to achieve it. 73% of company decision-makers are aware of this. They admit that their organization should develop solutions related to self-service.

Download our e-book and learn about the benefits of implementing personalized self-service solutions we have implemented for 5 leading companies in the Polish and foreign markets.

The e-book contains information:

  • What are self-service portals, and what benefits do they bring to the company, employees and customers?
  • What does the work on the design and implementation of self-service solutions look like from the inside?
  • How did the new transactional portal make it easy for NN Investment Partners TFI clients to invest and save for retirement on their own?
  • How did Inter Cars expand its international expansion thanks to its functional B2B platform?
  • How did the self-service portal automate making appointments at BNP Paribas Bank, increasing its efficiency by 206% within 2 months of implementation?
  • How did we build a fully digital system for innogy Stoen Operator in 4 months, which moved 90% of applications to online and enabled customers to settle matters around the clock?
  • How did the Hella+Health digital platform make it easier for +65 people to choose medical insurance in American market?


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