What we do?

Since 1996 we create end-to-end online systems. We consistently develop our competence in technology, design and execution of large IT projects in agile methodologies.

We build long-lasting relationships with our customers based on expertise and trust. We have been cooperating with ING Bank Śląski since 1998, with Amway Europe since 2005, with Raiffeisen Bank since 2000. We are SAP Silver Partner for SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Marketing.

We are industry focused with strong technology background in the following areas:



E-Commerce Platforms


Banking & Finance

  • Portal Design

    Developing concept of the portal, including UX, information architecture, content strategy and graphical interface, as well as discovery of users' needs, business aims and defining portal's role in the sales and service processes.

  • Omnichannel Workshop

    1 or 2 days long workshop during which client's specialists and e-point experts work together to analyze needs and find possibilities to introduce omnichannel standards of Customer Experience in the areas of content management and sales processes.

  • Portal Implementation

    Implementation of sales-stimulating corporate portal built on Active Content CMS. The implementation is based on prior functional and graphic design, UX surveys and defined project KPIs.

  • Omnichannel Content Server

    A central base of marketing and operational content distributed to all channels, such as transactional systems, call centers, branches, mobile apps and websites. It provides management of product offers and knowledge repository of processes in the company.

  • Product Catalog for Banking & Finance

    Central knowledge base of financial products offered by organization. The catalog includes products' characteristics and descriptions, regulations, required documentation, conditions, parameters, variants, images and information about availability in various channels.

  • Omnichannel Sales & Service Processes

    System of forms and sales processes, including tools for visual design of processes, forms and documents. Integrated tightly with organization's internal systems and with internal workflow engines.

  • Product Development Services

    Dedicated teams working on systems critical for business results. Teams can include developers, UX specialists as well as business experts. They work in agile, growing dedicated platforms in the long run.


for Financials


Direct Selling

  • Digital Strategy for Direct Selling

    A series of workshops and gap analysis to discover where Digital Strategy can be improved followed by expert recommendations.

  • Direct Selling E-commerce Platform

    Online e-commerce platform designed to meet all the market-specific requirements for direct selling business.

  • Enrollment Platform

    Effortless management of onboarding to increase conversion rate for prospect business partners.

  • Digital tools for distributors

    Digital tools (web and mobile applications) helping distributors manage their direct selling business more effectively. These include: monitoring of sales results (for the salesperson and their downlines), order tracking and communication with downlines as well as customers.


Engagement Solutions for Direct Selling


Digital Design & Consulting

  • UX Audit

    Expert's assessment of the solution in terms of UX correctness and business aims. Analysis is summarized in report listing issues and practical tips for optimisation and UX improvement.

  • Design Sprint

    Agile problem-solving: addressing particular business need or user's issue during workshops and tests.

  • UX Design in Agile Projects (Agile UX Design)

    Ongoing support of agile process of delivering application in the area of User Experience to ensure that user interface meets users' needs, realizes business aims and delivers the highest quality of UX.

  • User Research

    Tests with real users to verify concept and improve solution.

System Support & Operations

  • Application Maintenance

    Ensuring stable, uninterrupted, fast and failure-free working of the solutions. Optionally it includes support and consulting in areas of web development, content entry, form building and performance analysis.

  • Administration

    Ensuring that systems run continuously and correctly: performance, security, and updates monitoring, managing requirements for resources, communication with external components.

  • Hosting

    Support based on architecture build on our own cloud solutions, servers and network virtualization or using separation on the operational systems' level using methods such as containerization. For complex systems, we recommend hosting on dedicated physical hardware with physical network separation.

  • Development Sprint

    Development of defined requirements list in agreed timeboxes in order to deliver part of the software MVP ready for implementation for the productin use.