Consulting & Expert Services

High Quality IT Services Worldwide

e-point offers high quality IT expert services for our Customers in Europe and all over the world. We excel in eCommerce and portal systems, but over two decades of professional software development gives us experience in many areas of business and technology.

Performance Audit

Check performance of your system. Know how much more load it can handle.

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Application Security Audit

Check security of your system by simulating an attack. Assess impact and severity.

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Source Code Audit

Check quality of code in your system. Check its reliability, maintainability and best practices.

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SAP Commerce Training

Train your software engineers in SAP Commerce development. Or recruit and train new ones.

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Java Web Developer Training

Train your software engineers in Java Web Application development. Or recruit and train new ones.

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Infrastructure Audit

Inspect your system infrastructure for fault tolerance, safety, high-availability and DevOps best practices.

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Team Leasing options

Build a team of skilled developers using e-point software engineers. Or augment your team of developers with our professionals. Mostly remote work with regular meetings at customer location.

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