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We change the way direct selling works using the power of online and mobile technologies.


For many decades, direct selling was about real-life interactions between a sales person (distributor, consultant) and their clients. It involved providing compelling product information or a demonstration and product delivery - usually in and to the customer’s home. Very often the consultant also presented the business opportunity related to reselling the company’s products and making additional income.

The internet has changed all that. Product information, demonstrations and recommendations are available on-line. You can order them any time via the web. The real-life interactions between the sales person and their clients have moved to social media, instant messaging tools and smartphones. What is more, the new model of YouEconomy (businesses like Uber, Airbnb, Etsy, etc..) creates new opportunities, for millions of people around the globe, to start their own business. Does this mean that the direct selling business model is over?

On the contrary! We believe that the very essence of the consultant’s role is to build engagement around a company’s products and the business opportunity it offers. This role, even within the new context of the digital age, remains valid but requires a new approach and toolset.

How do you engage customers and consultants in the digital age?

Tell Your Story

Today most of your potential customers’ journeys start with Google. Are you there? You need great content that will index well on Google and will tell a great story about your products and business opportunity. You need to communicate in a way that truly engages the users.

Digitize Your Commerce

Selling online is a conceptual challenge for direct selling companies as it strongly relates to their business model. Frequent questions are: Should I sell only to my distributors? Should I sell directly to my customers ? To what extent should I support my distributors in selling via my platform?

Empower Your Distributors

For decades, direct selling companies were the source of know-how for their distributors on how to run their own businesses and how to sell products. They still can do the same by offering knowledge and tools that will empower distributors in the digital world.

Enroll Distributors On-line

You can successfully engage with potential distributors in digital channels using great content about your products and business opportunity. The next step in the process is to transform your visitors into your clients and consultants. This means onboarding them on-line. Whether they enrolled to catch the business opportunity, or were the consumers of your products and decided to join to save some money, they need a personalized experience and efficient guidance through the first steps in the business. You can very effectively enroll and on-board your prospects on-line.

Challenge your business model

The digital ecosystem will help you, at minimal cost, to experiment with your business model. Use this opportunity to verify new marketing strategies and distribution models and to build new partnerships that will create a unique value proposition to your customers and distributors.

Go global!

Direct Selling is easy to scale. A successful business model can be and should be internationalised with minimal investments in physical locations.

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