SAP Commerce Developer Training

Train your Java Web Developers

Build high quality web application backends


Why train your SAP Commerce developers in e-point?

It works this way: you either send us your employees to be trained, or you order us to hire new employees for you. Once we accept them for training, we will help them improve their theoretical and practical skills in SAP Commerce development, and verify it.

Scope of Service

  • (optional) Employee recruitment
  • SAP Commerce Developer training
  • Give feedback
  • Change size of the team as needed

Training Contents

  • Onboarding skills assessment
  • Development courses
  • Real-life project
  • Code review & Feedback

Tools & Environment

  • Java 8 SDK
  • IntelliJ Idea
  • Git & Gerrit
  • Docker, OpenShift
  • SonarQube

Training Overview

Key elements of training


Initial skills assessment tests are performed. Optional recruitment process managed by e-point is possible.

Compulsory Training

Individually prepared set of courses and sample real-life project tasks to make sure candidates have SAP Commerce skills after completed.

Follow-on Training

Advanced developers who finish Java Web Developer training, may proceed to advanced Follow-on Training that covers more advanced topics

Constant Feedback

During Training, Customer gets constant feedback on performance and skill assessment of employees. Candidates must pass initial tests in order to be accepted for training.

Regular Meetings

Initial phase of Training is at e-point location, or onsite, at Customer location. Then Training is remote, with regular conference calls and periodic face-to-face meetings.

Flexible Tools & Methodology

At Customer request, Training may be performed using Customer-specific development tools and/or using real Customer systems code, instead of the sample project.

e-point Training Program Benefits

Scope of trainings

Recruitment & Java Training

  • Developer Recruitment Services:
    • job advertising & recruitment
    • skill assessment (competency testing & candidate interviews)
  • Java & Java EE Development Training
  • Java Tool & Paradigm Training (git, gerrit, best practices)
  • HTML & CSS Training

SAP Commerce Developer Training

  • SAP Commerce Developer I – Basic
  • SAP Commerce Developer II – Intermediate
  • SAP Commerce Front-End Development
  • SAP Commerce Testing
  • Backoffice Development
  • SOLR Configuration & Optimization
  • DataHub Development
  • SAP Commerce DevOps

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