Our Code of Honour

To celebrate its 18-th birthday e-point has adopted the Code of Honour – a document containing a set of important values for the company to follow.

Before the Code was coined, there was a discussion – we have all agreed on the main principles and ideas which are important to us.  Each new employee that joins e-point has to familiarize himself with the Code of Honour. The Code is not a part of the contract but we think that honour is important.

Work with vision and passion. Always be a step ahead

There was a time when we had a lot of passion but lacked the smarts.   We had to merge passion with sensibility and then find the courage to think boldly, to always be a step ahead of the market, our competition and inevitable change.

Look for ideas worth coding

The amount of effort and manpower invested in developing an Internet solution is enormous. A solution that we can all be proud of is a reward in itself. This includes projects that were commercially successful or made us grow conceptually or technologically. We have to look for this type of projects.

Everybody sells

Being involved with the Client and catering for his needs is the concern of many of our employees. That is why everybody has to sell – himself, the company and the ideas and results of his work.

We play for the same team

Remember, you are part of the Team.  If you need assistance, ask your colleague for help. You will surely get it. If you find and issue not addressed properly and you know it’s crucial for the Team to succeed, take the initiative. If you have noticed the problem, you probably know how to solve it. Working in a team allows to achieve goals that out of reach for the individual.

Everybody is responsible for the end result

In solutions as complex as ours, each member of the team can influence the end result. If one element fails, the whole project can fail or achieve mediocrity. In our case, faults and errors are not allowed, and mediocrity means commercial non-existence.

We celebrate every victory

We don’t always succeed. Often, when we finally manage to complete a task, we are too tired to notice. It’s time for a change. Let’s celebrate accordingly to the situation. Let us remember, to celebrate every victory means not forgetting about the smallest achievements.

Discover your talent and master it

Everybody is different – we all have our strong points and our weak points. If we work on our weak points only, we will remain mediocre. If we focus on our strong points, we can excel and achieve great results.
For it to happen, you need to commit yourself to finding and developing your talent. When you finally excel in your chosen area you will become a valuable member of every team you join.

Focus and allow others to do the same

Distractions have a really bad influence on productivity. Most job positions in our company highly depend on creativity and require long periods of concentration. Loosing focus and concentration can derail your train of thought. Focusing on one thing also means not having too many irons in the fire. At a given hour, a given day or time of the year, focus on one thing only. Give it as much attention as possible. Treat everything else as a secondary.

Be always on time and always finish what you have started

Time is of the essence – for the Clients, for the company and for us. Working under pressure can stimulate growth. Be always on time – at work, at a meeting and when you working on a project. Don’t waste the time of other people.  Finish what you have started and leave the completed task behind you.

You are responsible for maintaining this code

This additional rule means that you need to follow the Code and make others follow it as well. This means your colleagues, but also your boss – which sometimes can prove to be really difficult. If breaking the rules becomes common to you, you will never learn anything nor will the organization.