Magento Commerce


Business clients expect the same customer experience they get from B2C solutions. Now, thanks to Magento, you can give B2B users the personalized experience and easy corporate account management they crave.

Magento Commerce Offers B2B Support

Magento Commerce features a complete set of functions that support B2B activity, including:

  • Advanced customer care tools. Sales representatives can be assigned to corporate accounts during account creation.
  • Multi-buyer corporate accounts. Authorization management and role sharing mean multiple buyers can use one corporate account.
  • Separate catalogues for individual client groups. Client groups can simultaneously use various product catalogues – a popular feature in the B2B2C business model.
  • Customer enquiries and quote requests. Partners can send enquiries and quote requests directly from the shopping cart level. 
  • Preliminary booking options. A simple preliminary booking process eliminates wasted time.
  • File-based ordering. Clients can place orders using Excel/CSV files to reduce order completion times. 
  • Re-ordering. Businesses can easily re-order products from previous orders.
  • Trade credit support. Companies can configure customized options and credit constraints, manage order terms, monitor customer credit data, and set account limits. 
  • Automated dispatch process. This facilitates the organization of loading and dispatch.
  • Multi-region support. Businesses can offer simultaneous service in multiple languages and currencies to boost their international operations.

Accommodate industry regulations

Each industry has its own rules and procedures. A product range’s size and type – as well as the customers it attracts – determines how offers need to be presented.  That’s why Magento offers fully customizable website design via a wide range of adjustable elements. For B2B commerce, these include:

Functionality Magento
Managing your store’s website     
Managing the product catalog     
Shopping cart (including cart-level price negotiation and recording)     
Payments (including trade credit) and delivery     
Trade terms (price policy, discount policy, promotions, loyalty programs)     
Analytics and reporting     
Partner accounts and user authorization management     
Mobile-ready responsive site design     


Magento easily integrates with other types of software, including analytical tools (e.g. Google Analytics) and databases (e.g. MySQL and Hadoop). Magento eCommerce also offers an API (communication interface) for many third-party applications.

Integration was particularly important to French winter sports brand Rossignol. They used Magento to integrate the tools already employed by their various brands. As a result, Magento has become a core element of the company’s ecosystem, cooperating with its ERP and PIM systems; now, every Rossignol employee works on the same platform.

Magento and mobile devices

Learn the advantages of PWAs (progressive web applications) and tap into the full potential of mobile solutions. PWA Studio will tailor your Magento platform to customers’ mobile requirements and eliminate the need to create additional mobile applications.

To respond to the needs of mobile-first customers, SEAT launched a store designed for mobile experiences. The website now loads much faster; at the same time, users spend more time on it. How much time did SEAT need to implement the changes? Just 6 weeks!

Why e-point

  • Our experienced team has expert knowledge for every stage of the project.
  • We’ve spent 20+ years designing for the biggest companies.
  • We’ve performed many successful international implementations (references available).
  • Our comprehensive, end-to-end approach combines all areas into a coherent, functional whole.