e-point CMS

Omni-Channel Digital User Experience

e-point CMS offers full control over the entire digital user experience ecosystem, from desktop and mobile to in-store kiosk screens.


An enterprise-class solution for complex, multi-regional projects:

Provide world-class customer experience across all channels
Manage multiple sites or language versions from one system
Create customized, non-standard visual elements without relying on IT or an agency
Efficiently handle complex content approval processe
Ensure the highest standards of accessibility, security, and support

e-point CMS delivers unique, highly optimized user experiences. It’s a tool for companies that aren’t willing to compromise on quality. It has been tested in the most demanding industries – including banking, finance, e-commerce, and pharmaceutical – and it powers portals that serve a combined over 50 million visitors a month.

Simplify content management with e-point CMS

In large organizations, the content management process is complex and involves numerous agents, iterative work patterns, multiple approvals, and content distribution across multiple channels.

e-point CMS benefits the entire enterprise

  • Content teams
    • Easy and effective content creation
    • Control over content’s appearance and aggregation
    • Smooth content transfers within the portal
    • Supports content repurposing, e.g., re-using the same message in multiple places
    • Version control
    • Allows separation of content from layout, letting creators focus on the quality of their content
    • Supports new language versions and automated translation
    • Possibility to personalise content for specific segments
  • Marketing teams
    • Better control over content visualization via layout creation and testing
    • Granular user authorizations
    • Create visually appealing content for mobile and desktop screens
    • Independently develop landing pages and subsites
    • Self-service: no need to call in IT or an external agency to make changes
    • Built-in customer traffic and conversion funnel metrics
    • The ability to profile content more accurately for users
    • Reduction in time spent on portal SEO
  • IT departments
    • Integrates with existing technologies
    • Less maintenance: business users can edit sites
    • Easy installation and configuration 
    • Enhanced operational stability 
    • No worries about vendor lock-in, full documentation, training courses, or developer licenses
    • No obscure tech: e-point CMS is built on Java and open-source software
    • Mature license, offering complete legal security to third-party libraries
    • Efficient and flexible container-based system
    • Easy to develop, modular system
  • Business owners
    • Control the message creation process
    • Get the right message to the right recipient at the right time
    • Quick access to proven new features developed by our dedicated product team
    • Fast, safe, and testable changes
    • Built-in portal efficiency analysis
  • Decision-makers
    • No surprise pricing
    • Trusted and proven for large and complex implementations
    • Secure and fully backed by our support team
    • Regular updates provided by our dedicated product development team
    • Meticulous testing and verification process performed before launch
  • Compliance teams
    • Ease of monitoring changes on content and portal management activities
    • Process of content changes authentication
    • Versioning content and creating working copies with preview before publication
    • Cohesive content and its presentation across the whole portal
    • High level of security confirmed in audits by independent companies serving as protection of company’s image
    • Guarantee of content delivery to the audience thanks to the long history of maintenance

Powerful functions


  • drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor allowing anyone create or modify sites and easily design landing pages
  • design system based on ready-to-use components (i.e. carousel, accordion) allowing for easier creation of portal
  • customized site elements can be created and saved for future use
  • organizing content in the tree structure
  • advanced editing options of templates, HTML, CSS, headers, footers and menu


  • version and content publication control
  • site publication and expiration planning
  • monitoring activity of the editors
  • flexible content approval process


  • single-panel multi-site management
  • extended editor authorizations
  • multi-language site support
  • multiple functional modules (such as news or FAQ)
  • website validator supporting maintaining standards


  • easy creation of new Landing Pages
  • Versatile file, picture, and document management (DAM)
  • SEO support and flexible configuration (positioning in Google search)
  • easy collaboration with external agencies through an approval process and authorization system
  • customisation of CMS components for user segments through integration with an external CDP engine
  • automatic SEO tagging with AI support
  • easy creation of multi-step forms


  • WCAG accessibility support
  • current optimization according to Google Core Web Vitals for excellent speed of display (performance)
  • full text browser based on Solr engine
  • compliance with PWA manifesto


  • Headless mode: Supports API content sharing to other channels, such as mobile applications or independent SPAs
  • visualization and design of content shared to other channels in one visual editor
  • integration with PIM systems allowing for creating LP’s with product information and dedicated product and category sites
  • support for integration with analytical tools such as Google Analytics

e-point CMS 3.2.

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Customers benefit from e-point CMS

A streamlined content creation and delivery process significantly affects what your customer sees. With e-point CMS, you can be sure that customers will get the information they need quickly, easily, and in the best channel and time.

"e-point CMS has accelerated adding and editing content on the site, which allows us to better respond to our customers’ needs. The CMS is easy to handle and can seamlessly integrate with our other tools".

Karina Mosbach

Junior Online Marketing Manager