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Looking for a developer to introduce Akeneo Product Information System (PIM) to your company? We have experience in implementing this leading open-source PIM software. Akeneo PIM enables you to collect and centralize your product information from virtually anywhere. You will also enhance your team collaboration and productivity, delivering the most compelling omnichannel product experiences that drive sales.

Akeneo PIM is used by hundreds of companies worldwide to improve product data quality and accuracy, simplify catalog management, and accelerate the sharing of product information across channels and locales. The software is part of Akeneo Product Experience Management (PXM) Studio that includes:

  • PIM software,
  • Akeneo PXM platform, providing rich REST and Events APIs for developers to extend and connect your product catalog,
  • connectors with leading e-commerce platforms,
  • Akeneo PIM Marketplace for discovering and finding integrations and extensions for Akeneo PXM Studio.

Why Akeneo PIM?

Akeneo PIM is a complete, easy-to-use, and cost-effective PIM system that can be implemented to quickly fill the product information management gap in your e-commerce tech stack.

 Fast deployment, rapid problem solving

With Akeneo’s ready-to-use and easily-expandable product templates and an agile minimum viable product implementation approach, you can start small and go live with your PIM system in just a few weeks.

​ Automation of repetitive tasks

Akeneo PIM lets you automate several recurring tasks, including a variety of product attributes and their assignment to appropriate categories, changes in product features, or data validation.

​ Easy integration with your e-commerce tech stack

Akeneo PIM easily integrates with many solutions, including the most popular e-commerce platforms (like Magento), systems for creating marketing materials, or Digital Asset Management systems.

​ Easy-to-use and intuitive PIM software

Akeneo PIM has an intuitive user interface with clear information architecture. It enables easy navigation and effective management of product information. The system operation does not require technical knowledge, so your employees can quickly learn to use it.

​ Low implementation and support costs

The software is available in three variants:

  • Community Edition (CE) - a free, on-premise community-based version;
  • Growth Edition (GE) - a paid cloud version of Akeneo with SLA-based support;
  • Enterprise Edition (EE) - the top-tier option that includes all the perks of the Growth Edition, with added customization and process management capabilities.

That means you can use Akeneo PIM either entirely for free or based on a monthly fee.

Why e-point?

We are a trusted digital transformation partner for several leading companies.

We have over 20 years of experience in the market.

We will help you with projects involving Akeneo deployment, integration, training, and support.

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