Patrycja Tomaszewska

Sales & Partnership Manager

Patrycja brings over 18 years of invaluable experience collaborating with the financial and fintech sectors. Her expertise lies in cultivating robust business relationships and fostering strategic partnerships, all while maintaining a sterling reputation for pinpointing precise IT solutions tailored to banks, investment firms, and insurance companies. She has spearheaded pivotal projects within international IT corporations, collaborating closely with esteemed institutions such as ING, BNP, and NN Investment Partners.

Patrycja is deeply engaged in industry associations and conferences, including ZBP, Czech Fintech Association, Fintech Poland, European Fintech Association, IZFiA, Banking & Issurance Forum, Forum Funduszy, and Ubezpieczenia: Sprzedaż, Innowacje i Ryzyko. Her passion lies in fostering genuine human connections founded on trust and transparency.

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22 Mar 2024Patrycja Tomaszewska4min

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20 Mar 2024Patrycja Tomaszewska5min

Investment Company Digitalization. How Transaction Platforms Revolutionise Investment Fund Distribution

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