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Digital Portals That Engage Users and Drive Sales

Every digital story begins at a portal, and we're here to make yours compelling.

We understand your portal’s importance in enhancing engagement and turning visitors into loyal customers.

With a blend of innovation and insight, we design portals that adapt to the customer's path, connect with all your business processes, and boost your sales.

Why e-point?

  • Driven by Business KPIs

    We directly tie your portal's value to its influence on key business metrics. Each portal is a crucial touchpoint at multiple stages in the customer journey, so we ensure your portal aligns seamlessly with your strategic goals. The digital portals we design aren’t just user-friendly – they are laser-focused on driving sales and conversions. We ensure that every click adds value, making your business more efficient and keeping you ahead of the competition.

    e-point experts (...) delivered a product of the business value we expected and they had it up and running just in time.

  • Navigating Complex Projects

    Many companies can build software, but we look at the bigger picture. We have a long history of creating portals for top European companies. This means we offer more than technical knowledge. Our holistic approach seamlessly combines various organizational strategies, stakeholder needs, and extensive offerings into clear and unified digital communication. Our expertise can guide you through complex portal projects efficiently, saving both time and money.

    We were looking for a technology partner who understood our business objectives and the specific character of the financial sector.

  • End-to-End Service

    We've developed a battle-tested, end-to-end process for building portals. It covers everything from creative concepts and information architecture to implementation and optimization – including communication strategy, content targeting, UX/UI design, research, and development. We encourage your active participation in this process; our experience has shown that customer involvement leads to solutions that go above and beyond the client’s initial expectations.

    e-point is a reliable and trustworthy partner, with a very good substantive background.

  • A Leader in Pioneering Portals

    Portal evolution is an ongoing journey. We consistently lead our industry in embracing new trends and standards. We pioneered Poland's first responsive online banking portal and initial PWA implementation. And now, we’re at the forefront of adapting portals to WCAG standards. We maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers (20+ years with ING Bank Śląski, 5+ years with Santander Bank, 6+ years with PZU) so we can keep up with the digital world's changes together.

    At any time, we can get support and guidance that allows us to use the available infrastructure more efficiently.

  • Specialized CMS

    Our portal creation experience has gone hand-in-hand with the development of our own enterprise-class Content Management System, e-point CMS. This proprietary system is rooted in two decades of experience and a strong understanding of various business needs. We continuously improve it based on our customer feedback and ensure it keeps pace with the latest Google and industry standards.

    We’ve relied on e-point’s expertise to design an intuitive, user-friendly system.


Drive the Customer's Journey Right from the Beginning

  • Portals for Banks & Financial Institutions

    With our extensive track record of creating the world's best banking portals, we don't just design – we strategize.

    We will help you effectively tackle industry-specific challenges, organize complex product portfolios, and develop user-friendly interfaces that promote conversion.

    Our portfolio is the standard often used as a benchmark by other banks. We've been trusted by leading financial institutions throughout Europe, including ING Bank Śląski, BNP Paribas Bank, and Santander Bank.

    • Various Customer Segments
    • Customer Engagement
    • High Conversion & Acquisition
    • Complex Omnichannel Scenarios
  • International Brand Portals

    A digital portal gives you the power to unify the brand experience, highlight unique values, and compellingly showcase your offerings.

    We’ll help you to transform passive visitors into active buyers, making the portal a pivotal touchpoint in your omnichannel strategy.

    By creating an engaging interface, interactive tools, and self-service options, we boost conversions and set the stage for advanced sales strategies (e.g., the B2B2C model).

    • Multi-Brand Platforms
    • Multi-Language Platforms
    • Global Marketing Platforms
    • Experience Commerce
  • Public Portals

    We'll guide you in merging various systems and tools into one secure, centralized portal – thus streamlining digital processes for citizen service.

    By using Business Process Management, we help you improve service delivery – and make it more cost-effective.

    Our vast experience in regulated markets allows us to effectively address this industry’s stringent and varying regulatory and compliance demands.

    • Security and Data Privacy
    • User Accessibility (WCAG)
    • Government Registry Integration
    • Legal Compliance

Build a Winning Portal Using Our Battle-Proven Strategies

  • Conversion-Centric Design

    Modern digital design is driven by results. We've cut our teeth on developing information architecture that prizes user-friendly navigation. We use clear messaging to guide users smoothly through the portal, linking their journey to your sales and marketing funnels. This approach drives demand, boosts conversion, and guarantees a seamless and intuitive user experience.

  • Portals Optimized for Search (and Google)

    Most customer journeys start with a Google search. So, having a portal that ranks high in search results is non-negotiable. Our development process incorporates best practices for mobile optimization, loading time, technical SEO, and information architecture. We continuously monitor Google's trends to ensure our strategies are up-to-date. This approach guarantees site performance and high placement in Google search results.

  • Empowering Business with No-Code CMS

    We empower business teams by giving them full control over their portals. Our in-house CMS reduces reliance on IT departments. Its wide range of no-code modules and components – perfected from serving leading companies over the last two decades – streamline operations and enhance business agility.

  • Omnichannel: One Voice, Multiple Channels

    A portal plays a pivotal role in omnichannel buying paths. Customers switch devices and change channels mid-journey – often retracing their previous steps. Our portals seamlessly link all these touchpoints and paths, even in complex scenarios. We design pro-sales features like user-friendly tools and engaging micro-interactions. The result? A portal that drives sales and gives users the convenience and flexibility of self-service options.

  • Continuous Portal Development

    We've been developing portals for 25+ years. In the 2010s, we pioneered the design of the first RWD banking portal, setting a benchmark for the industry. Today, we stand at the forefront of implementing WCAG standards, ensuring accessibility for all. We proactively adapt to emerging UX trends, Google's ever-changing algorithms, legal regulations, and the latest cybersecurity standards.

Our Outcomes Speak for Themselves

    • We helped Santander Bank Polska implement a multi-stage strategy that improved page loading speed by 250% and increased conversion by 10 percent.
    • This resulted in achieving the fastest-loading website among Polish banks; prior to our collaboration, their site ranked fourth.
    • During the same project, we helped Santander reduce their carbon footprint by 75 percent, supporting their sustainable growth strategy.
    • We created a self-service appointment system for BNP Paribas Bank that increased process efficiency by 206% in just two months.
    • The new BNP portal booked 2x more self-made appointments and relieved the customer service department during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    • We helped ING Bank Śląski quickly implement a microservices-based technological transformation, leading to reduced service requests, expedited change implementation, and minimized regression errors.
    • We provided pharma leader Adamed with a portal that allows them to effortlessly manage and update content across 10 language versions of their website, including 35 different sections and components.
    • For leading Polish insurer PZU, we built a new client portal that led to a 4x increase in quote-to-sale ratios, as well as a 3x increase in visitor-to-quote ratios.
    • For ING Bank, we deployed interactive elements (such as calculators) on their website – leading to a 14% increase in time spent on site and increased conversions.

    If you are looking for a team that will be as involved in developing your product as they would in their own, we highly recommend e-point.


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