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From Digital Commerce to Digital Transformation

For us, e-commerce isn’t just selling online. It's a way to turn your business into a digital success story.

We can help you achieve e-commerce success by combining processes, technologies, and digital experience.

Our solutions guarantee engaging and intuitive interactions at every touchpoint on your customers' journey.

Why e-point?

  • Engaging Customer Experience

    Customer experience is the secret sauce of every successful e-commerce implementation. It's the essence that transforms casual shoppers into loyal brand advocates. Our e-commerce solutions are built on this principle, ensuring that every part of your customers’ buying journey is smooth.

    e-point has very strong UX and UI competence. That’s why they could provide us with solutions to our complex needs.

  • Vertical know-how

    We have 20+ years in e-commerce development, excelling in industries like retail, distribution, manufacturing, and services. Our expertise fuels innovative solutions for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C business models and marketplaces. We also lead global expansion (cross-border commerce) and unified shopping experience across all touchpoints.

    Thanks to e-point’s commitment, knowledge, and close cooperation with Google, the implementation was successful.

  • Outcome-Focused Solutions

    We offer comprehensive guidance in defining your digital commerce strategy – helping you choose the best tools, integrations, and implementation methods for your project. We’ll fit the e-commerce platform into your existing digital architecture and turn your business into a successful digital organization.

    We were looking for more than an IT company that would help us code our vision. We wanted a partner who could deeply understand our business model.

  • Scalable e-Commerce Platforms

    We specialize in developing complex and scalable platforms that can evolve alongside your business. As your operations expand, our tailored solutions seamlessly adapt to handle increased demands and changing requirements. From managing higher traffic volumes to expanding product offerings and supporting new markets, our scalable platforms empower business growth.

    e-point was a great support for us when we were planning further e-commerce development activities.


Transform Your Business with Our Compelling Digital Commerce Solutions

  • B2C e-Commerce

    We’ll help you set a clear path for software development and process optimization, empowering your business to boost its revenue through e-commerce.

    Our expertise lies in developing B2C solutions that effectively engage customers and deliver a seamless shopping experience across various channels and devices.

    • High Performance
    • Mobile-Friendly Interface
    • Expanded Market Reach
  • B2B e-Commerce

    We craft highly customized B2B e-commerce platforms that cater to your unique business needs and ensure smooth communication with your business partners.

    Our solutions support even the most complicated B2B processes. We tailor them for your unique needs: bulk ordering, negotiated pricing, contract management, flexible payment options, and comprehensive logistics support.

    • Streamlined Order Processing
    • Self-Service Solutions
    • Seamless Integrations
    • 24/7 Performance
  • Marketplace

    We develop custom marketplaces that provide useful features and exceptional digital experiences for both buyers and sellers. Such platforms allow you to test sales models, benefit from new partnerships, and expand into new markets quickly and safely.

    We can help you design, launch, optimize, and scale your marketplace to achieve high conversion and create a profitable, stable, and safe online sales platform.

    • Fast MVP
    • Extensive Integrations
    • Seamless Buyer Onboarding
    • Customer Engagement Mechanisms
  • Headless e-Commerce

    This future-proof solution empowers you to innovate rapidly while offering seamless shopping experiences across various channels and touchpoints – including websites, mobile apps, voice assistants, smart devices, and in-store displays.

    Developing a headless e-commerce platform makes your business more flexible and scalable, which helps you outpace competitors.

    • Consistent Shopping Experience
    • Omnichannel Reach
    • Faster Time to Market

We Deliver Scalable and Flexible e-Commerce Platforms

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    SAP Commerce Cloud

    Stable and flexible solutions for business. A diverse selection of pre-built features and extensions ensure a quick time-to-market, while the option to integrate custom components offers a competitive edge.

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  • logo-magento

    Magento Open Source

    A widely used global e-commerce platform. Provides an impressive ecosystem of robust tools for catalog management, secure payments, customer accounts, and orders. Its flexibility allows businesses of all sizes to create personalized online shopping experiences.

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  • logo-custom-ecommerce

    Custom e-Commerce

    The freedom of a purpose-built solution that perfectly matches your specific goals and needs. Our tailor-made platforms support various business models. They are built on cutting-edge technologies and provide enterprise-level features that ensure high performance.

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e-point helped our e-commerce efforts quickly become successful.

Bad Mobile UX Costs Millions: Google & e-point Joint Audit

Along with Google, we analyzed 50 Polish mobile commerce stores to explore the impact of user experience and mobile speed on financial outcomes. The results of our audit?

  • We provided 530+ mobile UX and speed suggestions to 25 e-commerce businesses
  • 73% of companies that followed our UX suggestions saw improved mobile conversion
  • The participating companies' rating for the audit was 4.9 out of 5

Three Key Pillars of Successful e-Commerce Implementation

  • Product Information Management

    Product Information Management (PIM, e.g. PimCore, Akeneo, Ergonode) implementation is the first step in digital commerce transformations. PIM systems ensure you present digital offerings across various sales channels accurately. From clear descriptions to high-quality images, PIM helps you effectively showcase your products, building trust and engaging customers.

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  • e-Commerce Integrations

    Modern e-commerce relies on connections. When your platform integrates with various tools and systems, it simplifies processes and increases performance. This includes syncing inventory data, payment gateways, CRM, ERP, logistic systems, and more. Seamless e-commerce integrations improve productivity, reduce errors, and give your customers a more enjoyable shopping experience.

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  • Customer Experience

    Boosting customer satisfaction is crucial for successful e-commerce. Creating a great digital experience means easy navigation, responsive design, personalized interactions, and more. By understanding customer preferences and customizing their journey, you build a connection that goes beyond purchases and nurtures customer loyalty.

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    They knew exactly what we wanted and how our business worked.


Our Outcomes Speak for Themselves

    • Our new e-commerce platform for Leifheit led to a 218% increase in conversion.
    • Leifheit was so delighted with our service that they decided to partner with us to expand their e-commerce to 11 new markets.
    • We had the German store up and running in 3 months. It grew to 7,000 transactions during the first 4 months.
    • For Inter Cars, we developed a B2B e-commerce platform that serves 100,000 workshops in 16 countries.
    • That B2B e-commerce platform hosts 1.7 million products in 7,000 categories and manages a whopping 170 billion individual prices!
    • Our digital transformation initiative for Amway Europe resulted in a remarkable 85% of all orders being processed through the digital channel.

    Thanks to e-point’s partnership and commitment, we achieved every one of our business objectives within the project's deadline.


We are ready to support your digital journey!

We take pride in our friendly customer care! Reach out and we’lll help you however we can.

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Business Development Manager

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