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From Problem Definition to Successful Implementation

As your partner, we'll stand with you throughout your journey towards digital transformation. We create human-centric solutions based on real user insights – while keeping your business goals in mind.

Like skilled craftsmen, we understand that we're not just laying bricks; we’re building a home. With our assistance, you'll transform your company into a fully digital organization.

Why e-point?

  • Holistic Approach

    Experience the difference of a comprehensive approach that empowers your business to thrive. As a software house with strong strategic and design skills, we’ve mastered all three layers of innovation: business performance, user experience, and technology. No matter the challenge you're facing, we’ll take a holistic view of your organization and apply a comprehensive solution.

    e-point specialists have technological competence and business knowledge, and they understand the user experience.

  • Mature Design Processes

    Experience design has been in our DNA for almost two decades. We've crafted a unique process that integrates the most effective components from methodologies like design thinking, service design, and behavioral design. This approach empowers us to quickly identify optimal strategies for diverse challenges – which saves you time and money.

    Their output was designed with our clients in mind.

  • Vertical Know-How

    After years of collaboration with various brands, we’ve gained a profound understanding of key verticals like finance and banking, retail and distribution, utilities, healthcare, and insurance. Armed with strong technological and design expertise, we offer solutions to address the critical challenges these industries face in their digital transformation journey.

    They knew exactly what we wanted and how our business worked.


Transform Your Business into a Successful Digital Organization

  • Experience Strategy

    We'll work with you to pinpoint the underlying causes of your business challenges. And we’ll help you clearly define the issues that surface.

    Our approach involves an analysis of your users’ needs, industry environment, and internal factors. We use this to recognize unique opportunities and potential obstacles.

    Then, we'll lead you through creating a digital strategy, providing clear concepts and a vision for their practical implementation.

    • UX Strategy
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • CX Metrics & KPIs
    • Service Concepts
  • Experience Design

    We'll guide you through designing a new digital product, from its initial concept to a feasible prototype. Along the way, we'll define the core elements of the future solution and plan for your next steps.

    As a result, you’ll receive a well-designed and ready-to-implement minimum viable product (MVP) of your solution.

    • Information Architecture
    • Key User Flows
    • Digital Prototypes
  • Experience Development

    We'll assist you in minor design challenges when the problem is clearly defined or there's the option to use design patterns and ready-made technical solutions.

    We'll also support you in enhancing your existing digital products by creating new user flows that expand products’ possibilities.

    We can also tailor out-of-the-box solutions, such as e-commerce platforms, to meet your specific requirements and ensure a quick launch.

    • High-Fidelity Prototypes
    • Copy & Microcopy
    • Graphic Designs & Assets

    Only a company that combines technological competence, business knowledge, and user experience expertise could be our digital transformation partner. e-point has become that partner for us.

We cooperate with Google, jointly conducting dozens of mobile user experience audits.

Our advanced expertise in optimizing mobile UX is confirmed by our Google Marketing Platform certification. We’ll gladly help you with:

  • Mobile Speed Audit
  • UX Personalization
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Operating Model & Organizational Design

Without Research, Strategies and Designs Are Just Wishes

  • In-House Research Team

    Instead of basing business decisions on gut feeling and intuition, we always recommend testing project assumptions with proven scientific methods.

    Our comprehensive research support usually accompanies other Design & Strategy services. It’s the finest way to make informed decisions. And avoiding unexpected corrections and costly revisions will save you money.

    • User Research
    • Usability Testing
    • UX Audit

    e-point specialists thoroughly understand research, workshopping, and design. This allowed them to share valuable knowledge on developing products, marketing strategies, and identifying target groups.

Our Outcomes Speak for Themselves

    • We helped Santander Bank Polska implement a multi-stage strategy that improved page loading speed by 250% and increased conversion by 10 percent.
    • This resulted in achieving the fastest-loading website among Polish banks; prior to our collaboration, their site ranked fourth.
    • We designed and implemented an inspiration section for Komfort that quickly led to an 82% rise in average order value and a 205% increase in average time spent in the section.
    • Our e-commerce CX project for Leifheit improved the customer’s digital experience, leading to a 218% increase in conversion and a 59% decrease in cart abandonment.
    • We also helped Leifheit create a better mobile experience for their German customers; this resulted in a 33.75% increase in mobile users.
    • We created a self-service appointment system for BNP Paribas Bank that increased process efficiency by 206% in just two months.
    • The new BNP portal booked 2x more self-made appointments and relieved the customer service department during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
    • We successfully executed a digital transformation initiative for Amway Europe, leading to a remarkable 85% of all orders being processed through the digital channel.

    e-point has a very experienced, cooperation-focused team. Readiness for action and professionalism is what describes them.


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