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Seamless Experiences Across Complex Customer Journeys

When it comes to custom software development, we are the glue that holds together tech potential, business reality, and user expectations.

We translate your ideas into efficient digital solutions that offer a seamless and memorable journey for your users and drive results for your business.

Our commitment is to create software that delivers genuine business impact and sets the benchmark for digital excellence.

Why e-point?

  • Experience-driven solutions

    We create human-centric solutions based on real user insights – while still keeping your business goals in mind. Our software development process is not just about writing code; it’s about crafting immersive experiences that resonate with your audience.

    e-point has very strong UX and UI competence. That’s why they could provide us with solutions to our complex needs.

  • Mature software development process

    With over two decades of software development experience, we've perfected processes that allow us to efficiently deliver diverse custom solutions – including single-process applications, advanced self-service systems, complex digital experience platforms, and even our own digital products (like e-point CMS). We strive for excellence, maintaining well-established standards and using AI to boost productivity and quality throughout the development cycle.

    Readiness for action and professionalism is what describes them.

  • Vertical know-how

    After decades of working with various brands, we’ve gained a profound understanding of key verticals like finance and banking, retail and distribution, utilities, healthcare, and insurance. Armed with strong technological and design expertise, we offer solutions to address the critical challenges these industries face in their digital transformation journey.

    They knew exactly what we wanted and how our business worked.

  • Committed to Your Project’s Success

    A culture of accountability drives us in everything we do. We take responsibility for your project and want to feel proud of it. We become our clients’ strategic advisors and long-term partners. They can count on our support during and after the initial project.

    We can count on their support at any time.


Custom Software Solutions for Every Stage of the Digital Journey

  • Digital Onboarding Solutions

    A seamless digital onboarding process is essential for converting users into customers.

    It’s especially important in B2B industries and highly regulated sectors like banking, finance, healthcare, and public services.

    Improving customers’ first experience with your service builds trust, encourages long-term engagement, and minimizes drop-offs.

    • Product Configuration
    • Purchase Initiation
    • AI-Supported User Verification
    • Seamless Account Creation
  • Customer Self-Service Systems

    Self-service solutions allow your customers to seamlessly manage tasks and transactions, saving them time and enhancing their experience.

    These systems aren't just about providing a service. They’re about amplifying user engagement in a world driven by convenience.

    With our support, you can benefit from truly user-centric self-service systems. Our expertise ensures seamless integrations, broad functionality, and an intuitive, class-leading user experience.

    • Engaging User Experience
    • AI-Powered User Support
    • Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Features
    • Enhanced Client Retention
  • Composable Digital Experience Platforms

    Composable architecture supports adaptability, but certain custom elements are essential to unifying your entire system.

    By personalizing these elements, we highlight your business's unique qualities and enhance user-facing solutions.

    Our goal is to help you develop a digital ecosystem that aligns with your needs and benefits from the best of composable architecture.

    • Front-End Excellence
    • Dedicated Components
    • Custom Integrations
    • Consistent UX
  • B2B Platforms

    We build tailor-made B2B platforms that provide a 360-degree view of your customers, partners, and employees.

    Our customization covers even the most complicated B2B processes and transactions, ensuring a strong foundation for modern CRM architecture.

    As your business grows, our platforms can evolve to cover the whole spectrum of B2B relationships, becoming a central hub for effective business management.

    • Streamlined Order Processing
    • Self-Service Options
    • Modern CRM Model
    • Foundation for B2B2C

Our Comprehensive Skillset Helps You Achieve Business Excellence

  • We’re Java Experts

    We’ve been living and breathing Java Enterprise since its early days. For over two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of its development, contributing to its growth and expanding our expertise. The precise and efficient solutions we create will exceed your expectations and let you benefit from our experience and matured processes.

    Experience, engagement, and professionalism.

  • We're Your Digital Advisor

    Custom software development offers endless possibilities – which means sometimes businesses are tempted to add features they don’t actually need. Capturing a customer's vision is simple, but designing software that truly benefits their business requires expertise. We specialize in aligning tech with business needs. Whether you need custom-built solutions or out-of-the-box options, our expert team ensures you make the right choice.

    e-point is more than a software company. They’ve become a partner with extensive knowledge and experience.

  • We’re Agile

    Custom software development is a journey of discovery; it involves exploring business requirements, limitations, and project context. We use Agile methodology’s quick iterations and user validation to provide you with dependable outcomes in an uncertain environment.

    They showed a great deal of flexibility and responded quickly to our changing expectations and regulations, which is of paramount importance in this industry.


Tech Stack

While Java Enterprise remains our core technology development standard, our tech stack has evolved over the years. Today, we prioritize battle-proven and carefully selected technologies.

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    • Java
    • Spring
    • SQL
    • SQLR
  • logo-frontend


    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • React
    • HTML
    • CSS
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    Cloud and Devops

    • AWS
    • Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Kubernetes
    • Jenkins
    • Terraform
  • logo-mobile

    Mobile (iOS, Android)

    • Flutter
    • React Native
  • logo-databases


    • Oracle DB
    • PostgresQL
    • Aurora
  • logo-microservices


    • Spring Cloud Gateway
    • Docker
    • Kafka
    • OKD

e-point has a very experienced, cooperation-focused team.


Our Outcomes Speak for Themselves

    • We designed a custom B2B2C e-commerce platform for Amway that supports 1 million distributors in 31 countries and brings in $1+ billion in yearly revenue.
    • We created a self-service appointment system for BNP Paribas Bank that increased process efficiency by 206% in just two months.
    • The new BNP portal booked 2x more self-made appointments and relieved the customer service department during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    • We integrated banking and e-commerce on the platform (and made history). The platform supports 60,000+ companies and processes 1M invoices worth over 1 billion PLN.
    • The online customer self-service functionality we designed for Polish energy provider Stoen Operator automated workflows and digitized 90% of client requests.
    • Stoen Operator was so pleased with our partnership that we’ve continued to work with them on three other projects.
    • Our custom platform for American insurtech company Audomo received an award from the ISBnews Agency.

    We were looking for more than an IT company that would help us code our vision. We wanted a partner who could deeply understand our business model.


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