Computerworld TOP200 report - 2018 in the IT industry. Strengthening the position of e-point

Once again, IDG experts have researched the Polish ICT market. In contrast to the two previous years, 2018 turned out to be much more favorable for the IT industry. And although there is still space for further development, the past year can be considered quite successful.

IT Industry in 2018

In 2018, the industry's revenues increased by 7.1% compared to the previous year, generating a total of PLN 65 billion. This increase is a good starting point for the future, but as Tomasz Bitner notes in the introductory commentary, "this does not give rise to optimism". It is 2 points more than the entire economy (5.1% according to the Central Polish Statistical Office).

Source: Computerworld TOP200 report - 2019 Edition

Taking into account the common trend towards digitization, such a small difference between the growth of the IT industry and the rest of the economy leaves a feeling of insufficiency. On the other hand, it can be a good sign for the future - there is still space for further growth. This is confirmed by the results in the banking and trade sectors, industries often associated with digital transformation. They were the main clients of IT solutions.

Banking has defended its leading position, which is for the fourth time in a row. Banks are continually increasing spending on IT solutions, thanks to which revenues in this category have grown by as much as 20.8%, amounting to PLN 3.65 billion. Growth is even better in trade, in which revenues improved by 36.2%, which translated into revenues of PLN 2.5 billion.

Take it easy for the future

As in the previous year, experts do not doubt that the cloud will be the main driver for further development of the industry. However, it was 2018 years go down in history, because with 23% revenue growth in the value of this market exceeded one billion zlotys (1.07 billion).

Existing clients most often use cloud solutions for dedicated systems and applications delivered in the form of services. Cloud is usually the place to store backups and is often the central element of a disaster recovery plan.

The growing popularity of cloud influences is responsible for the transformation of the IT industry. Increasingly, large, monolithic systems are being replaced by the integration of modular solutions and the construction of containers in the cloud.

However, despite the growing popularity of cloud solutions, more or less half of Polish companies are still not planning to use their opportunities yet. Their decisions affect, among others, concerns about data security and difficulties in integrating with existing systems. World trends show at the same time that the impact of similar fears is gradually decreasing and more and more companies see the benefits of the cloud.

e-point in the rankings

In this year's edition, e-point was promoted in the following sets:

  • "The largest IT capital groups operating in Poland" (promotion to 33rd place from 34),
  • "IT companies with the largest net profit" (promotion to 35 place out of 82),
  • "The largest providers of IT solutions and services for the banking sector" (promotion to 51 out of 59),
  • "The largest software suppliers" (promotion to 34th place out of 37),
  • "The largest software suppliers for orders" (promotion to 9th place out of 10)

In addition, we were in these other rankings:

  • "The largest IT companies operating in Poland" (172nd place),
  • "The largest exporters of IT solutions" (50th place),
  • "The largest suppliers of IT solutions and services for the trade sector" (19th place),
  • "The largest providers of IT solutions and services for the sector of large companies and corporations" (54th place).