e-point and Frosmo team up to empower better Customer Experience

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Today’s customers expect an excellent experience with every online contact. To help businesses meet these expectations, e-point is proud to team up with Frosmo, a company that specializes in making customer experience optimization as fast and painless as possible.

The Frosmo Platform is a perfect solution for data-driven front-end development and experience optimization. Its functionalities include online testing, customer segmentation, personalization, and AI-driven predictions and recommendations. Plus, Frosmo works with companies’ existing content management systems, customer relationship management systems, e-commerce platforms, and marketing stacks.

This makes Frosmo an ideal partner for e-point. We’re excited to blend our experience – particularly in building international e-commerce platforms and delivering PWA solutions (including our proprietary PWA Commerce Accelerator) – and our SAP Commerce expertise with their passion for front-end development. Our mission is to help organizations use Frosmo to create superior digital experiences, increase conversions, and boost order values.

For e-point customers, this partnership provides more resources and support for Frosmo deployment in their own organization. It allows them to enhance their experience optimization, personalization, and front-end development for any e-commerce or website on just one platform. For Frosmo customers and partners, this means access to e-point’s expertise and experience in a variety of ecosystems.

Truly, this is an exciting partnership, both for e-point and Frosmo and for all our customers!

More information about the partnership:

Artur Kowal

Business Development Director


Maija Erkheikki

Chief Channel Officer