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Gold for e-point in HR DREAM TEAM contest in the category of Talent Development in the Organisation

On 13 June e-point won the contest HR Dream Team in the category "Talent Development in the Organisation".

"We are very happy to have our work recognised and appreciated. Our corporate DNA is an orientation towards the other person and focusing on the "perfect match", perfectly matching people to their roles in the company. We promote an approach to talent which results from our long term observation and is confirmed by Gallup".

Lilianna Żuchowicz

Talent Manager, Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach

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Every individual's greatest development potential and success opportunity lies with what comes naturally to them - the area of natural talents, inborn predispositions and behavioural patterns. This approach, no matter how logical and common sense it may appear, is revolutionary - it breaks away from the paradigm of "if you want to succeed, correct your mistakes and improve your weaknesses" which persists in most schools and institutions.

Our road to the award started in 2016 when we launched our Programme of Talent Development, in line with one of the points of our Code of Honour - "Discover your talent and strive for mastery".

The purpose of the initiative is to share with e-point staff the tools for spotting talent and developing strengths (among other coaching sessions, workshops, materials). This knowledge helps us achieve our business goals and encourages everyone to assume a more proactive attitude in developing their own potential and building their career path. We try to create a working environment which supports building strong partnerships and synergies in the team, where everyone contributes what they are best at.

Under the programme so far we have focused on education and advocating the approach based on strengths, in the near future we are planning to concentrate on implementing the approach into the company processes and sharing tools which can support personal and team efficiency.

Other laureates this year are Grupa Żywiec, Empik, PWC, Deloitte, SKAT. Congratulations!