Vodeno Partners with e-point to Launch the World’s First Completely Cloud-Based Banking Platform

Since 2019, e-point has been Vodeno’s technological partner in development of the world's first banking as a service platform that operates fully in the Cloud.

Modern Banking in the Cloud

Vodeno, @vodenotech, is the world’s first and most comprehensive banking platform to operate entirely in the cloud, complying with strict regulations and allowing thanks to its architecture innovation and new financial products at speed. The Vodeno Cloud Platform (VCP) provides a fast track, all from one source solution for newcomers wishing to enter the financial services market, financial institutions looking to migrate from legacy technology and processes or fintech and e-commerce firms wishing to broaden their portfolio of products. It offers fully integrated, out-of-the-box financial products and services that can be applied either as complete or modular solutions.

Microservice Architecture in the Google Cloud Platform

Over the course of a year, we’ve designed and launched over a dozen of microservice applications created with a Cloud Native approach and based on Google Cloud Platform’s cutting-edge technologies. According to the platform’s requirements, all apps were to meet various requirements:

  • operating in multiple channels and various client contexts,
  • ensuring internationalization and localization,
  • supporting subsequent launches of platform instances (multitenancy),
  • enabling scalability and support for frequent automatic updates (continuous delivery),
  • guaranteeing security, reliability and fault-tolerance,
  • minimizing maintenance effort.

Agile Implementation and Strong Teamwork

To raise to this challenge, we built a dedicated team of specialists who have had many years of experience in implementing digital financial products.

The development process with Vodeno’s product owners and engineers was based on Agile methodology, with elements of Scrum and Extreme Programming included. During the project, we’ve also enjoyed applying top engineering practices like contract testing, test automation, behavioral-driven design and test-driven development.

As the e-point team, we’re proud to participate in one of the most significant FinTech projects. Vodeno has raised the bar in terms of the speed to deliver financial products and addressing financial customers needs. We think this may revolutionize the industry, and we’re happy to have been the technological partner to such an important venture.