e-point CMS

Omni-Channel Digital User Experience

e-point CMS offers full control over the entire digital user experience ecosystem, from desktop and mobile to in-store kiosk screens.


An enterprise-class solution for complex, multi-regional projects:

Provide world-class customer experience across all channels
Manage multiple sites or language versions from one system
Create customized, non-standard visual elements without relying on IT or an agency
Efficiently handle complex content approval processe
Ensure the highest standards of accessibility, security, and support

e-point CMS delivers unique, highly optimized user experiences. It’s a tool for companies that aren’t willing to compromise on quality. It has been tested in the most demanding industries – including banking, finance, e-commerce, and pharmaceutical – and it powers portals that serve a combined over 50 million visitors a month.

Simplify content management with e-point CMS

In large organizations, the content management process is complex and involves numerous agents, iterative work patterns, multiple approvals, and content distribution across multiple channels.

e-point CMS benefits the entire enterprise

  • Content teams
    • Easy and effective content creation
    • Control over content’s appearance and aggregation
    • Smooth content transfers within the portal
    • Supports content repurposing, e.g., re-using the same message in multiple places
    • Version control
    • Allows separation of content from layout, letting creators focus on the quality of their content
    • Supports new language versions and automated translation
  • Marketing teams
    • Better control over content visualization via layout creation and testing
    • Granular user authorizations
    • Create visually appealing content for mobile and desktop screens
    • Independently develop landing pages and subsites
    • Self-service: no need to call in IT or an external agency to make changes
    • Built-in customer traffic and conversion funnel metrics
  • IT departments
    • Integrates with existing technologies
    • Less maintenance: business users can edit sites
    • Easy installation and configuration 
    • Enhanced operational stability 
    • No worries about vendor lock-in, full documentation, training courses, or developer licenses
    • No obscure tech: e-point CMS is built on Java and open-source software
    • Mature license, offering complete legal security to third-party libraries
  • Business owners
    • Control the message creation process
    • Get the right message to the right recipient at the right time
    • Quick access to proven new features developed by our dedicated product team
    • Fast, safe, and testable changes
    • Built-in portal efficiency analysis
  • Decision-makers
    • No surprise pricing
    • Trusted and proven for large and complex implementations
    • Secure and fully backed by our support team
    • Regular updates provided by our dedicated product development team
    • Meticulous testing and verification process performed before launch
  • Compliance teams
    • Ease of monitoring changes on content and portal management activities
    • Process of content changes authentication
    • Versioning content and creating working copies with preview before publication
    • Cohesive content and its presentation across the whole portal
    • High level of security confirmed in audits by independent companies serving as protection of company’s image
    • Guarantee of content delivery to the audience thanks to the long history of maintenance

Powerful functions


  • drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor allowing anyone create or modify sites and easily design landing pages
  • design system based on ready-to-use components (i.e. carousel, accordion) allowing for easier creation of portal
  • customized site elements can be created and saved for future use
  • organizing content in the tree structure
  • advanced editing options of templates, HTML, CSS, headers, footers and menu


  • version and content publication control
  • site publication and expiration planning
  • monitoring activity of the editors
  • flexible content approval process


  • single-panel multi-site management
  • extended editor authorizations
  • multi-language site support
  • multiple functional modules (such as news or FAQ)
  • website validator supporting maintaining standards


  • easy creation of new Landing Pages
  • Versatile file, picture, and document management (DAM)
  • SEO support and flexible configuration (positioning in Google search)
  • easy collaboration with external agencies through an approval process and authorization system


  • WCAG accessibility support
  • current optimization according to Google Core Web Vitals for excellent speed of display (performance)
  • full text browser based on Solr engine
  • compliance with PWA manifesto


  • Headless mode: Supports API content sharing to other channels, such as mobile applications or independent SPAs
  • visualization and design of content shared to other channels in one visual editor
  • integration with PIM systems allowing for creating LP’s with product information and dedicated product and category sites
  • support for integration with analytical tools such as Google Analytics

Customers benefit from e-point CMS

A streamlined content creation and delivery process significantly affects what your customer sees. With e-point CMS, you can be sure that customers will get the information they need quickly, easily, and in the best channel and time.