Anna Żylińska

Marketing Director

e-point celebrates its 21st birthday: culture is the key to success

Working at e-point

Three years ago on e-point’s 18th birthday, our company adopted Code of Honour expressing our core values. Celebration of all successes is one of these.

So as the 21st anniversary of e-point’s establishment approached, we knew that we wanted to celebrate it together. So we travelled together to Masuria, Poland’s beautiful lake country, to sum up our company’s illustrious history and to lay out plans for our exciting future.

e-point culture

During our trip we enjoyed so many exciting activities together: we cooked, competed at the firing range and in bicycle racing, and much more. But the event most anticipated was the address to be given by e-point CEO Marcin Żuchowicz. True to form, Żuchowicz inspired us to see the uniqueness of our tradition, reiterating the critical importance of our innovative organizational culture. One of its pillars is “contract culture,” which enables employees to negotiate and enter into contracts within the company: employees with employees, employees with their supervisors, and teams with teams. This makes ours a flexible, ahierarchical structure in which both teamwork and personal (or team) accountability play the key role.

Do what you like, with people you like

Throughout e-point’s 21 year history the company has maintained a close-knit team, offering stable employment (in a 2017 survey, 92% of our employees answered that they are either somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with the stability of employment) as well as the opportunity for employees to challenge themselves in new roles. Some among our ranks have a long history (even a decade or two) with e-point, but many new faces have joined us in recent years.

We at e-point like to spend time together, both at work (a whopping 95.5% of all employees answered that they are either somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with the atmosphere at work and their relations with co-workers) and outside the office. We have employee interest groups called guilds, subsidized by e-point, which gather around common passions for training sessions and competitions, cultural get-togethers and sketchnoting workshops.

The cooperation, trust and energy cultivated in and enjoyed by the e-point team produces a payoff for our customers as well, enabling us to develop top-quality solutions and to sustain strong and lasting relationships.


ING Bank Śląski with e-Commerce Polska Award

Our customer, ING Bank Śląski with e-Commerce Polska Award 2017. The strategy of offering the best Customer Experience via the digital channel is being implemented in cooperation with e-point: