Working at e-point

e-point talks - a part of our DNA. What happened during the 5th edition?

e-point talks is a regular event within the company where we share knowledge, inspire one another and integrate as a team. This year, the event’s fifth edition was held at the Copernicus Science Centre.

5th edition of e-point talks in numbers:

  • 130 participants,
  • 5 presentations by employees on ongoing projects, lessons learned and good practices,
  • 14 questions to the company’s President and the Management Board during the Q&A session,
  • 45 minutes in space, i.e. the “Space expedition” show in the Heavens of Copernicus planetarium.

This is one of many events we organize in an effort to exchange information and experience within the company. They are of particular importance to us due to our dynamic company development: the team is growing and we want more people to collaborate as a well-integrated e-point team.

We play on the same team

Strong ties within the company are part of our DNA: to quote our code of honour, we all play on the same team, regardless of our jobs. We have common goals and we know that cooperation and the ability to use one another's resources is the best way to succeed. This is why we are so keen on knowing what individual teams are working on and love sharing insights, experiences and conclusions from projects.

We develop talent

e-point talks is an opportunity for speakers to develop their strengths: employees can utilize their expertise differently than they do in their daily routines. It is also an opportunity for them to practise public speaking before a friendly audience.

The audience was swept away by the employee presentations. See what they talked about:

Convergence of business and technology

Meetings such as e-point talks are of particular importance to us also because they allow our employees to take an interdisciplinary approach to solving problem. We do not want to limit ourselves to working in silos: technology, business, management, UX... The key to our success – i.e. the success of our clients – is to look for unconventional answers that often arise at the point of contact of different disciplines. Therefore, we cultivate an atmosphere conducive to meetings and conversations. e-point talks offered an opportunity to build on this atmosphere not only through backstage discussions, but also the Q&A session during which the Management Board answered the employees’ questions.

We never stop learning

We are a company based on knowledge, and knowledge is our competitive advantage. Events such as e-point talks help us to further expand our horizons, learn new solutions and get to know one another better.