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#newPZU, new portal

In January 2018, the PZU Group announced the revision of its strategy by 2020, which aims at making the company one of the most innovative financial institutions in Europe.

Its integral element are activities in the field of digital media, including the new PZU portal designed by e-point premiered on July 25, 2018.

#newPZU – not only insurance

The PZU Group is the largest insurer in Central and Eastern Europe. Its offer, however, goes beyond life, property and health insurances and includes assistance, investment and banking services, as well as pension programs.

Products intended for companies and employees, with particular emphasis on private healthcare, form an important element of the group’s portfolio. In this way, PZU changes the model of operation of insurance companies, it becomes an important partner for its clients, which helps them to care about the future.


PZU Group: Simply, Clearly, On Target
A New Portal for PZU Clients

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360 degree offer

In order to best respond to the expectations of customers at every stage of their life, the PZU Group is constantly expanding its offer - currently it offers almost 400 products together with additional services. The most important goal of the new portal that has been designed by e-point was to enable customers to easily find the ones that best meet their needs.

To this end, the e-point team together with PZU has developed a catalogue of products based on comprehensible categories and introduced a number of navigation solutions that not only help clients find solutions they need, but also help them gain knowledge about modern insurance and financial products.

"It would not be possible to develop the product and navigation structure without the involvement of real users".

Łukasz Franczuk

Head of UX Team

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 “From the beginning of the project, we verified how clients search for information and navigate the portal. We carried out 12 tests, including 2 tree-testing tests, which were crucial for the development of the structure of the website. A total of over 170 people have participated in those tests!" - he adds.

#newPZU: new PZU Group website in numbers

  • 22 million customers will use the new PZU portal
  • 12 tests with participation of the users were carried out: 2 tree-testing tests, 10 usability tests and 1 study on perception of new illustrations
  • 170 people took part in the tests during the works on the portal
  • over 300 illustrations and 450 icons have been developed for the new visual identity
  • 750 subpages and 2,000 texts pages have been prepared
  • the whole project lasted 34 weeks

Simply, clearly, towards the goal

The research not only concerned product categories or navigation. An important goal that PZU and e-point set for themselves was to present the products to portal users in a way that would be as simple as possible. The customers often find the insurance and financial offerings complicated, associated with specialist jargon, many possible variants or legal traps. This stage was performed with the support of Pracownia Prostej Polszczyzny.

“Our ambition is to simplify not only policies, but also templates of documents that we send to customers".

Dorota Macieja

Management Board Member

PZU Życie SA

The new portal is the apple of our eye. We use simple, accessible language. In more complex cases, we refer to specific examples. We do not hide legal traps in the clerical newspeak” she adds.

The change of the communication language is also supported by the UX solutions proposed by e-point. Product webpages have a new, legible structure, and a table of contents that is always available on the product page allows you to easily find the information you are looking for. Word messages are supported by a graphical communication – e-point’s team of graphic designers has proposed 300 illustrations and 450 icons that will become the basis for the new visual identity of PZU on the Internet.

Convenient self-service in the online channel

The goal of PZU and e-point was also to facilitate self-service, which - as resulted from the research - was particularly important for the younger generation of PZU's clients. The rebuilt “Contact and help” area allows you to easily find answers to the most common questions in the FAQ directory created on the basis of inquiries received from the clients themselves. From now on, call center employees will be able to suggest adding new frequently asked questions from current inquiries.

The new PZU portal is also a gateway to all online services offered by the Group. Login channels, claim forms, private medical care appointment forms or contact forms with an insurance agent are all available in one place.

Particular attention has been given to the mobile user experience . It is very easy to use the new portal on smartphones. Thanks to the solutions used, the users will easily find the information and contact channels they need in case they want to report an accident or, for example, buy travel insurance at the airport just before starting a journey.


Technology used

e-point CMS

e-point CMS supports Responsive Web Design, which is an approach to web design in which all pages are automatically adjusted to the size of the device screen and to the web browser used.

e-point’s proprietary CMS solution enables effective and comfortable content management and editing. The website’s pages are compiled with ready-to-use components that resemble building blocks. An extensive authorization system, in turn, makes it possible for numerous editors to work on different parts of the website, or to order the selected tasks from outside agencies.

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