How SAP Hybris Commerce 6.6 Addresses GDPR Challenges (and more)

The new version of SAP Hybris Commerce addresses challenges related to the General Data Protection Regulation– these functions are now available as part of B2B and B2C accelerators.

For the most part, these are mechanisms for managing consents of both registered and anonymous users. In addition, the system allows to generate collective reports on the processing of clients’ personal data for various purposes. This enables us to quickly inform the relevant person which of their data is being processed and how – in accordance with GDPR requirements. The system’s latest version also features the right to be forgotten – the option to permanently delete the account has been added to the user profile panel.

A series of introduced improvements will make it easier for companies pursuing e-commerce to achieve compliance with the standard required by the GDPR.

However, the latest SAP Hybris version does more than address a pressing issue (that may entail penalties of up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover of the previous year!) related to the GDPR (reminder: it enters into force as of May 2018), as it also offers additional improvements aimed to provide a better experience for clients.

Let’s start with the solution for international businesses: a new function in Smart Edit allows to personalize content in various local version of the catalogue, which later may be easily distributed on all markets in numerous locations.

SAP Hybris 6.6 also offers new functions in the field of Product Management: convenient exports from and imports to MS Excel, the user may easily perform a bulk edit or other processing actions in external product tools (export -> edit -> import data). This will make life significantly easier for companies that offer a wide variety of products.