SAP Hybris Commerce 6.7: release overview

In April, SAP Hybris Commerce, the leading enterprise class platform for e-commerce, was updated - Version 6.7 focuses on Customer Experience.

In addition, search mechanisms were improved and integration with other SAP systems (Hybris Marketing and Revenue Cloud) was added.

What new functions are particularly worth paying attention to?

  • More advanced personalization of components on the site thanks to the changes introduced in the Content Management System - SmartEdit
  • Easier creation and distribution of content on sites other than those provided with the current instance of SAP Hybris Commerce (starting with version 6.7, Smart Edit supports CORS, Cross Origin Resource Sharing)
  • Downloading contents from SmartEdit to non-accelerator storefronts thanks to a new, REST API. This is a big step forward towards separation of the storefront from the rest of the platform and delivery of custom solutions of SPA and PWA type
  • More convenient management of promotions: easy positioning of promoted products in search results, filter support and sorting from the back-office level. Update of The Adaptive Search module and depreciation of the Commerce Search module
  • Rule Group Exclusivity and Order Entry Consumption: corrections and new functions of Promotion Engine
  • Conversion of API Omnichannel Commerce documentation to the Open API/ Swagger format (increased readability)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) added to the back-office (default provider - SAP Cloud Identity)
  • Product comparison functionality in the back-office
  • Mass product approval and editing
  • Media import to products with Excel files
  • Optimizations of the server start time
  • Optimization of efficiency and fixes of the whole platform in the production mode.

Version 6.7 also means new integrations for SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud (mainly focused on GDPR) and Hybris Revenue Cloud, as well as an update of libraries and technologies such as:

  • Solr (to version 7.1.2)
  • Tomcat (to version 8.5.23)
  • Spring (to version 4.3.14.RELEASE)
  • ZK Framework (to version 8.5)