The new portal of Santander Bank Polska, co-created by e-point. See how it looks

Since 1 June clients of Santander Bank Polska have been able to use a new information website The project has been implemented by a design team of Santander Bank Polska in cooperation with e-point.

The new website is based on the concept of user-centred design and is characterised by a minimalistic graphic design and intuitive navigation. This significantly simplifies and reduces the search for necessary information.

What has changed?

The changes are visible at first glance - together with a multidisciplinary team of Santander Bank Polska we have created from scratch new signage in line with the visual identification of Santander Group.

The new portal has acquired new functions which offer users an easier product search and caters to their needs. Filters in the new product category sites provide support while choosing the right offer and the information presented in the form of a table facilitates product comparison. Interactive tools have been prepared for key banking products - a configurator for Account As I Want (Konto Jakie Chcę) and a loan offer calculator.

The structure of the portal is extremely simplified, which has allowed designing intuitive navigation for free site exploration on any device.

"Already one in three users visiting our sites does it on a mobile device. We have designed the pages to be convenient to use, friendly and functional both for users of smartphones and computers. The website is fully responsive. (...) We believe that thanks to that, over 3 million users visiting our sites will find it easy to navigate them".

Bartosz Kaźmierczak

Product Owner of the team responsible for information websites of the

Santander Bank Polska

The information section "Bank of Tips" (Bank Porad) is also a novelty, a place where visitors may expand their knowledge of finance and banking.

How did we work?

While co-creating the new portal, our goal was to ensure consistent and engaging experience, allowing users to enter the world of the global Santander brand and learn about its customised offer.

To achieve the goal, we worked according to the idea of User-Centred Design. Great support was provided by research results, interviews and personas prepared by Santander Bank Polska. Looking for the best way to satisfy user needs, we started by preparing three conceptions which we tested with future portal users.

"Designing a portal that would appeal both to the new and the existing customers was a great challenge. Thanks to the cooperation with e-point and running an ongoing user expectations analysis, we have released a modern and friendly portal matching both groups' expectations".

Bartosz Kaźmierczak

Product Owner of the team responsible for information websites of

Santander Bank Polska

We also kept in mind the business goals and expectations of the Santander Bank Polska team. Since the beginning of the project, we have conducted dozens of hours of workshops into which we engaged bank representatives from various departments, responsible for marketing, communications, experience and sales.

On our website, we will soon publish extended case studies of portal implementation.