Digital Experience Design

We design engaging digital products – corporate portals, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, and service systems. We combine strategy, design, and technological expertise to meet your business needs and ensure a consistent and personalized customer experience across every channel and at every stage of the digital journey.

You want a digital solution that:

Has stunning aesthetics and superb functionality

Attracts new and returning customers

Delights customers with comprehensive service

Helps you meet your business goals


We develop customized UX conceptions with complete, ready-to-implement graphic interfaces and information architecture.

We listen, advise, and design

We conduct the entire UX process, starting with an analysis of your current situation. Next, we determine project strategy and requirements. Then it’s time to kick off the UX design process and start creating a graphic interface. Finally, we offer expert support to guide you during the implementation phase.

Our design team uses a wide range of methods and tools, so we can customize our approach to your individual project and situation:

Business (in the context of the project)
  • Desk research and analysis of existing client and business data
  • Interviews with experts, a call center at the organization
  • Communication strategy analysis
  • Visual identity book analysis
  • Competition analysis and benchmarking
  • Offer stocktaking
Current solutions (if available)
  • Expert solution auditing
  • Web analytics data analysis
  • Mapping the current information structure for target requirements
  • Customer needs analysis: in-depth interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, etc.
  • Workshops with users and other forms of participative design
  • Persona definitions
Project organization
  • Work schedule (backlog)
  • Risk analysis
Business (in the context of the project)
  • Strategic workshops with stakeholders

  • Defining the offer's value proposition

  • Offer categorization

  • Project brief or strategy report for decision-makers or Boards

  • Identifying user needs, motivations, and expectations
  • User segmentation

Project / target solution
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Product definition and strategy; Design Thinking workshop
  • Areas/project components
  • Key use scenarios
  • Content strategy
  • Project roadmap

UX design

  • User journey
  • Information architecture
  • Mockups: lo-fi or hi-fi (desktop, mobile)
  • Clickable prototypes

GUI design
  • Graphic creative line approved by the decision-makers
  • Graphic interfaces of all key screens (desktop, mobile)
  • Microinteraction specification
  • RWD transformation specification
  • Style guide or design system
  • Model graphic elements for visual components
Content design
  • Manual of content creation for key page types
  • Model content
  • Microcopy

The way we design makes a difference

We understand business




  • We can find the sweet spot between user needs and business goals
    Our response to the user situation is always relevant. We’ll work with you to determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that correspond to real benefits you want to achieve, e.g. boosting sales, increasing customer satisfaction, or relieving pressure on call centers. 
  • We look beneath the surface of your business
    We gain insights into your business, the very nature of its offerings and product advantages. We ask questions, run interviews with experts, and visit branches/showrooms/outlets (where feasible) to grasp the deeper meaning of each project.  
  • LEARN BY DESIGN is our motto
    We leverage experience gained from hundreds of projects in various industries, from onboarding for banking services (ING Bank, Santander Bank, BNP Paribas) to international e-commerce systems (Intercars, Amway, Leifheit).


We eat the elephant one bite at a time



  • We learned the ropes by designing huge systems
    We break large projects into smaller chunks, according to the significance of the user journey. Working on each chunk feels like a miniproject – from setting the challenge through designing the concept and developing the graphic interface. Constant updates to the style guide or design system ensure the project is complete and coherent. 
  • We are agile-friendly
    Our process is designed around the Agile model. We continuously feed ready-to-implement projects into developer sprints and deliver user stories to build an optimal user journey. 
  • We verify outcomes with users on a regular basis
    Test an existing solution with users vs. gather knowledge at every stage of the design work is never our dilemma. We work with you to decide whether guerilla testing, friends-and-family surveys, or conducting professional UX research will meet your needs at each stage. 


Meaning is our king


  • Design work requires mature reflection
    Your customers deserve a user-friendly, understandable, and relevant value proposition; this can’t be delivered without clear intent, so we focus on meaning before we design the UX or UI.

  • We select tools and methods to match each particular project
    We apply elements of Design Thinking, Product Discovery, and Google Design Sprints and our own original tools to the core of every problem.

  • We never go by Lorem ipsum!
    Good content fills every user encounter with meaning. Designing and delivering engaging, supportive content that connects users with their goals is our priority. 

We base decisions on data



  • We always make decisions based on solid professional evidence
    We collect and study data, run workshops, and ask insightful questions so that we can produce the best solution. Key decisions are based on data and research results for your unique business model.  
  • We ensure an intuitive user experience
    Our process is geared towards the speedy verification of results with actual users. UX research, tree tests, card sorting, etc. are conducted in person or remotely. Our deep expertise in this process is key to creating the best user experience.   


We are highly disciplined



  • We plan the project from start to finish
    We plan our timeframe and tasks and budget accordingly. We also have teams dedicated to particular projects. 
  • We keep an eye on future development
    We strive to build reusable components and standardize work outcomes so that your system can easily be developed further.
  • We provide complete documentation
    We prepare a specification of our work outcomes – RWD transformation principles, style guides, microinteraction descriptions, copywriting guidelines, etc. – for your future reference.
  • We know how to deliver projects that are completely implementable
    We cooperate with developers daily. We know what is practicable within your timeframe and budget and we design realistic solutions with your needs in mind. 


The project does not end with design

We support developer and business teams during the implementation by providing design architect supervision: we oversee content and form, take care of all the details, and make sure the project is delivered according to the plan.


For developer teams

Solution implementation assistance

  • Ongoing UX/UI consulting for the developer team
  • Validation of the implemented system's compliance with the design 
  • Design architect supervision over design compliance
  • Testing the solution for UX and possible optimizations
  • Oversight of WCAG requirements
  • UX testing

For organizations

Implementation and user onboarding support

  • New system presentation preparation and delivery 
  • Educational and communication materials (e.g. tutorials, instruction videos, content tooltips, etc.) to ensure a smooth transition

For marketing

Content creation support

  • Content workshops
  • Content creation tools for editors
  • Target text content production
  • Target graphic and illustration production for all pages

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We always approach projects with full commitment and a strong sense of purpose.
We enjoy the creative process and are proud to see our projects become an industry benchmark.