Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Protect cyber data 

An Identity and Access Management (IAM) system supports processes related to logging in, regulating user access, and managing user data. It allows system administrators to control access to systems or networks based on roles and/or group memberships.

IAM is critical to securing sensitive information and preventing data leaks. Moreover, a correctly designed IAM system significantly improves verification processes like static password management.

Model login process

Do you need an IAM solution?

Companies that have any of the following issues should seriously consider implementing an IAM system:

  • Identity management processes are run manually.
  • Unauthorized users can get obtain access to all or part of an application (internal and external employees, suppliers, contractors, clients etc.)
  • There’s no self-service access management (e.g. users can’t request access or join groups without an admin’s help)
  • Employee migration costs are high.
  • The identity lifecycle process is not documented and defined.
  • Users need different static passwords for different applications.
  • Passwords are not stored in compliance with security standards.
  • Identity data is dispersed throughout applications, multiple Active Directory domains or forests, and databases.
  • There’s no self-service password management, and the costs of managing static passwords are high.


Infrastructure scheme

IAM Solutions from e-point

At e-point, we use a holistic approach to take care of your identity and access management needs.  Our service includes:

  • Identity management architecture analysis (AD, SSO, etc.)
  • Identity management process analysis
  • A customized solution that utilizes well-known providers like Keycloak, Okta, and OpenIAM
  • A comprehensive demo
  • New IAM component deployment
  • SSO and database integration
  • Configuration of applications, groups, roles, identity entities, and other new components
  • Consulting, workshops, and training courses 

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