International Expansion

How to succeed in e-exports. Interview with Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, Chairperson of the Chamber of Digital Economy


This article was reviewed and updated on July 31st, 2023

Why have e-exports become such an important thing in business? They are one of the most frequent topics for the Chamber of Digital Economy, which you lead.

There are many successful online stores in the Polish market. For them, the natural path of development is to expand internationally. Simultaneously, we can observe a steady inflow of international businesses coming into Poland that are effectively winning new customers.

The Chamber of Digital Economy has been educating companies in the field of cross-border e-commerce for years now. Poland is becoming a European leader in e-commerce. Small wonder – not only do we have great products and excellent operational abilities, but we also offer superb customer service. Therefore, the significance of e-exports is growing and will continue to do so.

Where can entrepreneurs interested in using e-commerce platforms to expand digital commerce find information on particular markets?

The best idea is to use reliable and recognized sources of information. For companies that are interested in expansion, we have a subsite on cross border e-commerce at eizba.pl. For several years now, we have been posting relevant materials to support e-entrepreneurs in online exports. And we will be increasing the intensity of our activity, as we have started a strategic cooperation with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. We are the only organization in Poland to deliver online export content for the trade.gov.pl portal. And, in cooperation with PAIH, we’ve prepared an educational program for entrepreneurs.

In your opinion, does the development of Polish e-exports require larger scale operations in collaboration with public institutions?

It certainly does. Expanding Polish e-exports definitely needs more engagement. Public institutions should support business. In particular, they should engage with today’s dynamically growing e-commerce.

Polish e-entrepreneurs need supportive legal regulations to facilitate their business operations and online exports. The Chamber of Digital Economy, as an organization representing e-commerce entrepreneurs, has for a long time pointed out the unequal position of small and medium-sized domestic companies as compared to giant international firms, i.e. in the campaign "Taki Sam Start" [An Equal Start]. This imbalance is the consequence of imperfect legal regulations and ineffective enforcement of the applicable law. We want our entrepreneurs, as well as our products and brands, to be present abroad. Thus, we need to undertake legal and tax initiatives.

What is your recipe for success in e-exports?

It is the same as the recipe for business success in general. It involves proper preparation, consistent effort, and determined action. International expansion rarely happens as instant success. It is more of a bumpy road that must be traveled in order to thrive. There are no shortcuts; you must take the entire journey. It takes time. Building customer awareness and curiosity for the brand, launching a product and an online store – these need to be well prepared strategically and in terms of investment.

Welcome to cooperation with the Chamber of Digital Economy! I am confident that together we can use the potential of e-exports to do a lot of good for cross border e-commerce – for the industry, for manufacturers, and for sellers and consumers.