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23 Jul 20194min

Intelligent trade begins today

When the man bought a baseball bat on Amazon, the algorithm wanted to push him ... a balaclava
19 Jul 2019Grzegorz Ścisło4min

The state of Online Journey Hijacking

Online Journey Hijacking involves illegal access to the user’s browser via digital malware
16 Jul 2019Ryszard Łada2min

The need to do e-Commerce

Key success factors for medium-sized companies

Legal aspects of international e-commerce

How do legal requirements affect international e-commerce platform design?
E-commerceInternational Expansion
28 Jun 2019Grzegorz Ścisło4min

The 9 most important questions to ask when choosing a domain for an e-commerce system

What are the questions to answer when choosing a domain?
19 Jun 2019Lee Lofthouse2min

The great chatbot paradox

Chatbots - the future of customer services, yet business knows that customers don’t trust them
13 Jun 2019Grzegorz Ścisło5min

Making software modern - the middle kingdom between legacy and cutting edge

Key technological trends to watch in the near future
04 Jun 2019Grzegorz Ścisło2min

2019 eCommerce vendors trend in the U.S.

Some useful analysis that can help you steer your e-Commerce business in the right direction
04 Jun 2019Wawrzyniec Hyska5min

Why good product information management is essential to insurance sales

E-commercePIMFinancial Industry
21 May 20194min

How can e-commerce keep up with Millennials?

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