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How to Increase Investor Knowledge and Trust with an Investment Platform


A lack of knowledge, uncertainty and being distrustful of providers are all key barriers that new investors have to face. Discover how creating a self-service investment platform and supporting educational content can satisfy the expectations and needs of digital users.

A report by McKinsey & Company indicates that the growth of the Polish investment company market – despite its undeniable potential – is lagging behind Western Europe. In this region, only 4% of wealthy clients opt for purely offline channels to handle their investments. Everyone else prefers to keep their options open, using both traditional and offline solutions, and more than one-third of all users manage their investments exclusively by digital channels.

Those who are too young to remember a world without the Internet are now reaching the peaks of their careers, which means that their ability to invest is at its highest. Generations Y and Z have completely different needs than older clients who already use investment services. Younger users expect the same level and simplicity of access that are offered by other industries that have undergone more rapid digitisation. Self-service solutions are often preferable to interacting with other human beings. Online transaction platforms satisfy these needs, and do away with the barriers that discourage such people from investing.

How do you build an investment platform that evokes trust?

Digital clients have become accustomed to simple and easy to use tools by other industries. Antiquated, complex and unintuitive systems often result in users – if they even get to the investment stage – abandoning your platform. Offering your clients modern tools that are in-line with the market standards is the bare minimum needed to gain their interest in what you have to offer.

When developing an investment platform, consider taking a mobile-first approach, as many modern users prefer them over desktop devices. You can account for this by developing a dedicated smartphone and tablet app, drawing inspiration from the experiences of other businesses from the financial sector. Your transaction system should be intuitive and easy to navigate – this applies whether it is a desktop computer or mobile version.

A key element of earning the trust of digital clients are transparency and easy access to information. Your investment platform should instantly provide new users with a clear breakdown of all charges, commission fees and terms of service. At the same time, it is crucial that you give them access to in-depth explanations about your investment products, returns and the risks related to investing.

This means that changing only a single element of your company’s ecosystem is not enough. You need to make sure that your clients are presented with a clear and legible purchase path, from first contact to asset management.

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How can educating investment company clients boost your sales results?

Providing your current and potential clients with information about your services, financial instruments and the market enables you to establish yourself as an industry expert who can be trusted. Educating users with online tools and content is becoming increasingly important, as clients prefer self-service solutions and learning about things on their own. Digital clients are always more willing to trust an investment system that – in addition to offering tools – also provides them with the knowledge to learn how to make informed decisions.

E-learning Platforms

Articles, training programmes, webinars, videos and other types of content can help you learn more about investment products, market dynamics and risk management. An education platform with interactive content, quizzes and even gamified elements can boost investor engagement and encourage people to discover various financing methods and strategies in a safe context.

This knowledge can make them feel more confident when making investment decisions. At the same time, the more they engage with the content you create, the more likely it is that they will use your platform for their investments.

Investment Calculators

Investment calculators can present various future scenarios based on the amount invested and various parameters set by the user. They help people estimate the potential returns on their chosen strategy, risk and length of investment. This personalised approach allows them to align their investment decisions with their goals and preferences.

An investment calculator can be used to set realistic goals and make investment plans that suit their situation. Access to such a tool boosts engagement and the probability of conversion and becoming a regular user of your investment platform.

Investment Simulators

Simulators enable people who are not yet ready to take any risks to analyse various scenarios. Such practical exercises help them understand the impact of various investment decisions and the state of the market on their virtual funds, which helps increase their confidence and competency.

At the same time, analysing the behaviour of beginners on your investment platform and how they test various solutions and strategies can provide you with valuable insights about their decision-making processes, as well as indicating areas and training materials that need improving.

Investment education is key when it comes to boosting existing engagement and attracting new users. It increases their confidence and enables them to make better decisions, which translates to improved user loyalty and lowers attrition rates.

How can you adapt your investment platform to the individual needs of your users?

New generations of investors, despite often preferring to manage their assets on their own, also like to feel that their needs are being taken care of. How do you reconcile these seemingly contradictory expectations? Helpful solutions in this regard include the latest advancements in design, analytics and customer service.

By combining these solutions, you can create an investment platform that is able to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of every user. This level of customisation not only increases customer satisfaction, but also facilitates long-term user engagement.

Building Trust by Teaching Investors

Digital users opt for solutions that let them make their own decisions and manage their accounts on their own. Make sure to provide them with the right tools and a platform for investing, but also giving them the knowledge on how to make informed decisions.

A well crafted self-service platform can be perceived as truly revolutionary by your clients. If you fill it with high-quality content and intuitive and interesting tools, in addition to offering personalised experiences and services, you can establish yourself as a market expert and earn their trust.