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Design and implementation of a new portal for Investors TFI S.A.

31 Oct 2023

Investors TFI S.A. is one of the oldest independent Polish companies to manage investment funds. It offers over 20 open funds, including products for anyone looking for a short-term capital investment and those that allow clients to build a diversified long-term investment portfolio.

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The need for a modern and easy-to-use tool

Investors TFI fully understands how important it is to have a modern tool that presents the company's activities transparently and allows for effective information campaigns.

"We offer over 20 investment funds under various strategies. This gives you a wide choice. We wanted our new website to focus much more on presenting solutions that meet specific client needs. It was also important to create an extensive educational section providing knowledge both for those who are starting to invest in funds and for more advanced investors who want to create their own portfolio of funds and therefore learn the differences between the individual products" - Director of the Marketing and Communication Department of Investors TFI S.A.

e-point was chosen due to our experience in designing and building portals for the financial industry, including entities offering investment funds.

Work on the new website has included:

  • Changing the information architecture and a clearer presentation of content
  • Modernisation of the graphical interface
  • Adapting functionalities to current trends
  • Implementing a tool that we find easy to use
  • Developing a mobile-friendly portal

Some legal requirements and difficulties faced by website moderators

 Adaptation to legal regulations

In the case of companies from regulated industries, it is crucial to consider the imposed legal requirements. Presenting information on the funds and the company’s activity must be consistent with what the law dictates. Legal regulations are subject to frequent changes, which requires the need to adapt the scope of the information presented.

For this reason, the website must provide maximum flexibility in the manner and scope of how it presents this content.

 Quick response to dynamic events dictated by the market

Every business day, the Transfer Agent sends information on quotations to the funds, and valuations are uploaded to the portal automatically. The editor needs to have an efficient tool that allows it to respond to emergency situations. An intuitive tool is essential in this case.

 One command centre for an extensive product portfolio

Investment funds offer a number of different products, so it is quite a challenge to place them all within a single command centre. For example, the Investors TFI Employee Capital Plans (PPK) website layout was previously different due to the inflexibility of the previous CMS. This negatively influenced the customer experience and the work of our editors, who were unable to create many visually coherent websites.

What was our strategy?

The project was created by a number of interdisciplinary teams:

  • Design and Concept - Senior UX Designer and graphic design team
  • Implementation - Frontend and Backend Developers and testers
  • Hosting team
  • Project Management - Project Manager, Lead Developer, Systems Architect.

We worked under a fixed-price model, and completed the implementation in 5 stages:

 Stage O  Launching e-point CMS

 Stage 1  UX/UI design

  Stage 1.1 – UX Foundation
  Stage 1.2 – Soul Design
  Stage 1.3 – Body Design

 Stage 2  Pre-implementation analysis

 Stage 3  e-point CMS customisation

  Stage 3.1 – e-point CMS adjustment
  Stage 3.2 – creation of dedicated modules and components

 Stage 4  Tests

 Stage 5  Documentation and training in the use of e-point CMS

Tool selection

The new portal was created using e-point CMS - our proprietary solution. This is an Enterprise-class system, which has functioned for over 20 years in the financial industry. It gives you control over the content and the editors' activities, allowing you to independently manage the portal after production launch.

"We tailor the product to thoroughly meet the client's needs with every implementation. It is thanks to our deep knowledge of technology and our customer-centric approach that clients such as ING, Idea Getin Leasing, PZU, Adamed and Leifheit have trusted us for years".

Piotr Różycki

Key Account Manager


Considering the various needs of all our clients, as in the case of this project, we also carry out what we call BOX implementations. This consists in making some of the tool's functionalities readily available. This is very important if you have a limited budget, because, rather than having to give up a high-quality solution, you can use a "package" of functionalities that meets the needs of your organisation. Additionally, we are able to efficiently add new, tailor-made modules and components to meet the needs of each project.

Fast and efficient education where investors need it

We have focused on a clear and modern presentation of all our funds and investment products, tailored to your needs. We are using mobile devices increasingly more each year, so, today, our mobile version is just as important as our desktop one.

There is also the issue of our educational module, which provides all our investors with knowledge. Here at Investors TFI we make every effort to provide all the information necessary to make conscientious decisions.

This is why, when designing the information architecture, we placed significant emphasis on:

  • Identifying your needs
  • Sale of products tailored to these needs - together with our investors, we have separated the navigation individually: funds, products enabling investments for savings or making savings for retirement, and solutions that suit companies, such as PPK, Employee Pension Plan (PPE), etc.
  • Quick and efficient education wherever you need it.

e-point SA is the first Polish company to receive a Conversion Optimization certificate


Three clicks to your destination

We have also created separate paths depending on what type of user you are, so that the portal intuitively leads you to the information you are seeking. We have separated 3 individual entry points on the home page:

  • You are already aware and know that you want to invest in funds
  • You have already visited the website with future retirement and tax savings in mind
  • You just want to enter the world of investing


We have designed an intuitive navigation system with drop-down menus that allow you to quickly reach the specific pages related to the funds or products we offer. You can find the details for a fund or product with a maximum of 3 clicks, without unnecessary page reloads.

In addition to our information architecture, our team has designed the concept and graphical interface for all the components used in our portal.

Find out how we can create a functional platform for you too. We will analyze your needs and propose the best solutions.

Contact us.

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