Customer Journey Design

We’ll study your customers' journey and create a strategy to improve their Customer Experience (CX), building a roadmap for customer-focused initiatives and developing change efficiency metrics.

We can help when...


You want to learn about your customers' needs and problems

to build a competitive advantage based on CX.


You need support building an omnichannel strategy

that enables you to better use your strengths.

You want to accurately measure the efficiency of your initiatives

and make informed business decisions.


Why is Customer Experience key?


  • 86% of buyers are willing to pay a premium for a better experience (Oracle: Customer Experience Impact Report)
  • 32% of consumers are willing to quit a favorite brand after one bad experience (PwC: Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right)
  • 5.7 times more revenue is generated by brands with excellent customer experience than by brands with no CX strategy (Forbes: 50 Stats That Prove the Value of Customer Experience)
  • 80% of consumers say it’s important that brands appreciate their opinion and regularly accommodate their needs (Mobile Institute: Customer Listening 2.0)

How will we help?


Analysis + Recommendations


Analysis + Research + Strategy

Time frame

4 to 6 weeks

Up to 12 weeks, depending on complexity


Companies wanting to verify their CX direction, complement it with advice from CX specialists, and plan future action.

Companies that need comprehensive assistance combining thorough analysis, extensive research, and expert guidance and strategy.

  • Analysis of existing data, including market research and online analytics data.
  • In-depth interviews (IDI) with employees responsible for various business areas 
  • IDIs with CX experts.
  • Employee surveys
  • Customer journey map co-creation workshop.
  • Omnichannel company ecosystem map (client vs. channel, channel vs. sales strategies, channel vs. processes and tools). 
  • Benchmarking key initiatives for improving CX in your industry.

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Qualitative research (e.g. individual interviews, journal and ethnographic surveys, etc.). These will be used as a basis for customer journey map validation and a source of insights for CX improvement. 
  • Quantitative research (computer assisted web interviews), which will be used to complement the map with numerical data and will establish KPIs for particular CX metrics. 
  • Statistical data analysis of the quantitative research. This enables customer segmentation and the creation of customer journeys for particular segments. 
  • Mini CX audits, which dig deeper into selected research insights. 

  • A customer journey map that describes key channels and customer touchpoints. 
  • An inventory of organizational processes affecting Customer Experience. 
  • A list of long-term development initiatives supporting CX improvement.
  • An implementation roadmap for customer-centered initiatives.  
  • A proposal for a CX metric model across all customer-brand touchpoints. 
  • A project summary report. 
  • Presentation of the report to your organization's management board.

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Detailed qualitative and quantitative research reports. 
  • Detailed descriptions of customer segments identified by quantitative research. 
  • A general and segment-specific variant of the customer journey map, confirmed by quantitative research. 
  • Customized CX strategy
  • A presentation and Q&A session for your organization’s management board. 

e-point SA is the first Polish company to receive a Conversion Optimization certificate


Project stages

Basic and Extended packages include:



We will look deeply into your business situation, needs, and motivations.



We will create customized solutions that fit your business context.



We will translate this knowledge into business realities, indicating guidelines for implementing and measuring the effectiveness of the recommended actions.

Why work with e-point?

Over 20 years of experience in designing for the biggest companies in most demanding industries, such as banking and finance, e-commerce and pharma

We have practical knowledge in the field of Customer Experience, particularly in designing modern customer journeys

We combine design and technological competencies, which allows us to create the most effective and implementable solutions.

We work using an original process employing the best practices of research and development in Customer Experience.