What is Flutter?

Flutter is a set of tools that were created by Google to design beautiful, natively compiled  single-codebase applications for mobile devices, websites, and desktops. It is an open-source advanced SDK (Software Development Kit); like React Native, it can help developers create mobile applications for iOS and Android using one code base.

Flutter’s SDK assists programmers in developing applications and compiling their codes into the native machine code. Its interface user libraries contain widget-based user elements that programmers can customize to the application. Moreover, this platform uses the Dart programming language, which was designed with a complete understanding of how much good design and customer experience matter for apps. 

Flutter Case Studies

Flutter is ideal for situations when an attractive, efficient, and functionality-rich mobile app needs to be quickly developed. It’s also useful when any changes need to be instantly available to users. Check out how it’s already been successfully implemented in these real-world use cases:

 ING Business

ING Business based its new app on Flutter to quickly provide new options to customers through regular updates. Thanks to Flutter’s flexibility, customers can enjoy new functions and services sooner. Plus, the platform’s widgets have helped ING create a new, intuitive design for their app.

 Hamilton: An American Musical

This blockbuster musical used Flutter for its official app, which features exclusive daily news roundups, films, daily lotteries for New York, Chicago, London and other locations, a daily curiosity game, a store selling official Hamilton merchandise, and more. Choosing Flutter created a highly interactive space which attracts users with pleasing design and a multitude of functions. 

 The New York Times

Updating the existing KenKen puzzle application (built in Adobe Flash on The New York Times website) posed some challenges. The new app is built on Flutter and is available on the official website as well as on Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows, which boosts users’ interest. 

Business benefits of choosing Flutter

Incredible efficiency

Flutter offers speedy and smooth functioning. Users can effortlessly browse app content, thanks to Flutter’s reactivity and unique way of compiling code.

Attractive design

A wide selection of customizable widgets – as well as support for the development of new widgets – allows companies to create a beautiful, intuitive user experience. Widgets can also be arranged into entire screens and flows.

Cohesive cross-platform experience

No matter whether the user is on iOS or Android, they get the same look, feel, and functionality. Older mobile OS versions can also be supported at no extra cost.

Hot Reload

Programmers can add or improve items and immediately see the results of their changes.

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