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Our Mobile User Experience (UX) and Speed Audit will allow you to better understand how well your service or mobile application works. Conducting this audit lets you identify errors and understand your users’ perspective –  what they like, what works smoothly, what puts them off, and what needs to be changed. 

When you order our audit service, you’ll receive professional expert recommendations to enhance your service's ease of use, effectiveness, and speed.

Expert advice approved by Google and used by clients

In a joint project known as Retail Growth, e-point and Google Polska have carried out in-depth UX and mobile speed audits for 75 small and medium-sized Polish online stores in the categories of health and beauty, furniture, food, electronics, books, and fashion.

The result was over 1,110 recommendations, 25% of which have been or are being implemented. Companies that have adopted our mobile UX recommendations saw an average of 3.3% growth in conversion rates.

What is the Mobile User Experience (UX) and Speed Audit?

The Mobile User Experience (UX) and Speed Audit examines your entire mobile ecosystem, irrelevant of the solutions you use.  It includes RWD (responsive web) pages, PWA (progressive web applications), and native or hybrid applications (e.g. Flutter apps). Optional source code audits and security tests are also available.

What does the audit measure?


We use a point-scoring system and several data files (sourced from both laboratory and real devices) to measure the speed of your mobile experience. No particular technology is preferred for the analysis, which ensures that audit results are not distorted.

We assess the speed at which the website operates and its level of user-friendliness. We study the experience of customers who intend to make a quick purchase and do not plan to install any additional applications on their smartphones.

 Mobile User Experience

Based on the analysis of our own reports and those from renowned research institutes like Baymard, Norman Nielsen, and Google, we have developed a 58-point test for customer journey analysis according to two scenarios.

We employ a comprehensive approach to research and use the following tools and metrics:

Audit Benefits

Audit outcomes

After the audit has been conducted, you will receive a report including a:

  • Description of the research methodology.
  • Mobile UX quality score for various stages of the purchase process.
  • Conclusions and recommendations for UX improvements.
  • Website speed score and recommendations on how to improve it.

You’ll also get a project document including:

  • List of UX/Speed recommendations
  • Forecast for essential KPIs (e.g. conversion rate).
  • Place for appointing the owner of a given recommendation implementation.
  • Implementation status.

After the audit

After the audit is complete, we also offer:


Based on your audit recommendations, we will help you draw up a list of optimizations (i.e. create a work backlog) and assign priority levels to them. We can hand over this knowledge to your internal team or to another supplier, or we can help you implement the changes.

 Implementation sprints

Based on the work backlog, we will carry out optimization recommendations. We use the Agile model to ensure the most comprehensive service and full project continuity.

 Source code audit

After an in-depth analysis of your site or application’s source code, we will identify potential areas for improvement and advise you on the best developer practices for your mobile ecosystem – website, native and hybrid applications (e.g. Flutter, React Native, etc.).

Why e-point?

We have over 20 years of experience in designing for the biggest companies.

We have a unique way of combining our technological, UX, and consulting competencies.

We run our implementations using proven processes and tools, in cooperation with renowned brands like Google.

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