Mobile Audyt


A mobile audit lets you better understand how your mobile service meets your customers’ needs. It gives you an opportunity to identify errors and learn your users’ perspective – what they like, what they dislike, and what needs to be changed. 

When you commission a mobile audit, you will receive a number of expert recommendations that will noticeably improve your customers’ mobile experience. 

What is a mobile audit?

A mobile audit is a study of your entire mobile ecosystem, irrelevant of the solutions employed. We survey your responsive web design (RWD), progressive web applications (PWA) and any other native or hybrid applications. Additionally, we may also test source code and security. 

How do we conduct a mobile audit?

We use a comprehensive approach, employing tools and metrics that include:

We also assess:

  • Interactions and accessibility
  • User journeys
  • Ease of use, transparency, and convenience from a mobile user’s viewpoint
  • Technological debt and security (optional)


Audit results

Audit results are in the form of a current status report and numerous recommendations for improvements in speed, customer experience, and higher conversion rates. 

What’s next?
Apart from the audit, we also offer:

Buzz sessions
Based on audit recommendations, we can help you build and prioritize a list of improvements (work backlog). We will take this knowledge to your internal team, to another supplier, or help you implement it ourselves. 

Implementation sprints
Based on the identified work backlog, we will run an Agile improvement implementation process to ensure comprehensive service and full project continuity. 

Security Audit
We will indicate potential security gaps in your mobile ecosystem and advise you on best practices. 

Check whether your website is mobile user-friendly

  • How fast does it load? Is it technologically optimized?
  • Do mobile customers use it?
  • How can you make accessing your website from mobile device easier?

Why e-point?

  • We have over 20 years of experience in designing for leading companies. 
  • We offer a unique combination of technological, UX, and consulting expertise. 
  • We use proven processes and tools.