Trusted Web Activity (TWA)


TWA (Trusted Web Activity) is Google’s lightest official application container.

It provides the fastest "packaging" of existing Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), allowing them to:

  • Appear on the Google Play Store platform.
  • Achieve the highest efficiency among available solutions.
  • Provide complete usage immersion while using native applications.

Like its parent the PWA, a TWA is an application written in a web language (JavaScript + frameworks) that works like a native mobile or desktop application. It can display notifications, operate offline and in the background, and use device functions like camera, geolocation, and gesture navigations.  But a TWA takes things one step further. To implement TWA processes, a PWA must have:

The correct manifest.json file.

Service Worker active.

All traffic in HTTPS.

Offline operations and a dedicated website (placeholder).

Score 80% or more on Google's Lighthouse benchmark.

TWA benefits

  1. Small size. TWAs occupy less space than mobile applications. Thus, they are more attractive to users and are easier to download. Because of their small footprint, users are less likely to remove TWAs to free up device memory. 
  2. Fast implementation. Transitioning to a TWA takes about 2 weeks – a much shorter time than is needed to develop a mobile app. 
  3. Low cost. TWAs don’t require separate maintenance and development for each platform (unlike native applications). Changes on your website are instantly reflected in your TWA without additional effort or cost.  At the same time, customer experience and communication channels remain unchanged. 

Outstanding results were produced by a TWA implementation on


Want to reach users without committing a lot of resources and time to the development of mobile apps?

Want to become visible across a larger number of channels within weeks?

Want to create a lighter version of your current mobile application?

Want your app to be instantly downloadable even on a slow internet connection?


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