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An open-source solution that you could implement in 3 months

Price and time tend to be the key arguments when you want to change or implement an e-commerce platform in your business. How to find an efficient and flexible solution that will comprehensively support online and offline sales processes while remaining within your budget?

The search becomes even more difficult if you operate in a specific business model for which a traditional out-of-the-box system is not enough as you require additional functionalities to be developed or need to modify the ordering process.

Therefore, it is worth to choose Broadleaf Commerce: an open-source framework that covers B2B, B2C, B2B2C and marketplace scenarios. You could be able to implement it in 3 to 5 months.

Is Broadleaf Commerce for me?

Yes, if you are facing the following challenges:

  • your current e-commerce system is not sufficiently efficient, operates too slowly
  • your current e-commerce system reached the limits of its development and cannot address emerging business needs
  • you want to better manage product information
  • you are lacking functionalities that would improve the experience of your customers or optimize processes within your company

What distinguishes Broadleaf Commerce from other solutions?

The budget does not have to be a limiting factor. Neither is a short implementation time. Broadleaf Commerce is an enterprise-class open-source system.

Its distinguishing features include:

  • attractive value for money
  • rapid Time2Market
  • as a framework it provides a large field of possibilities regarding customization
  • as an open-source solution, it guarantees transparency, allows you to stay up-to-date technology-wise and minimizes vendor-locking risk
  • it allows to manage multiple websites and stores (e.g. different language versions or different brands) via a single centralized interface
  • (optionally) settlement in the SaaS model

Who implemented Broadleaf Commerce?



Addressing all e-commerce needs

Broadleaf Commerce has all functionalities necessary to build a working e-commerce system:

  • Modern, complete storefront written in React.js (PWA) or Thymeleaf
  • Product information management (it also supports scenarios with multiple catalogues and multiple countries for managing product content)
  • Search option
  • Check-out and shopping cart
  • Order management (OMS)
  • Customer service (returns/complaints)
  • Content management (including personalization mechanisms)
  • Business internationalization options (allowing to seamlessly launch new local, national websites)

The system also has key functionalities for B2B e-commerce, such as account, price and price query management.

Broadleaf Commerce is also a stable and efficient solution capable of handling:

  • 10,000 simultaneous visits on the website
  • 200 transactions per second
  • 1,000,000 products managed in a single system.


Latest proven Java-based technologies:


e-point is the sole implementation partner for Broadleaf Commerce in Poland.

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